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Other than the stained glass, not much of interest is inside but a nice quiet respite from zitouna bank tunisie simulation dating.

It is advisable to ask for a 'premiere' ticket or you will have to stand in second class. You may be best to book your first night online elsewhere and then make arrangements in person.

The 7th and 8th characters - 2 letters or digits "CC": Tunisian people are far too polite to casually strike up a conversation with a stranger on the street. The Spirit of Tio Fernando. Delicious iftar breaking of the daily ramadan fast of fish dating asian men tips for fashion, bread, harissa, a fried pastry with tuna and a softboiled egg, minced cabbage, grilled chicken and fries, a spicy olive paste, and a lime Bogo, all for 9.

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Seafood is a specialty, sourced directly from the iced display cabinet. A one month pass is 32 TD. This can be broken down as follows: Most are extremely dirty. Prices are displayed as 3.

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Arrive early 9am for your first visit, as you need to see the doctor. A simple answer is to buy a return to your farthest destination and then your ticket will be valid for wherever you get on and off.

If you want to be vaccinated anyway, the only conceivable immunizations are for tetanus, typhoid and hepatitis A and B. Lunch here will cost between 2 and 5 TND.

There are networks of state supermarkets Monoprix and General in the capital. Most station do, but of a few of those, their matching station sometimes is a bit of a walk up or down the line.

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If anyone whom you meet in a tourist area speaks to you in English, they are much more likely than not to be a con-man. These are by Western standards small stores, and more particularly, as is common in fact in Tunis, their range of products is significant less than in the West.

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Even if something entirely natural occurs, say you shelter someone else with your umbrella - if they then turn out to speak English, you have quite possibly just sheltered a a confidence trickster who will now attempt to take advantage of the opening to suggest coffee, a bite to eat, etc.

Be sure to ask for the homemade mozzarella. This unique swift code directory provides businesses and individuals with an easy way to avoid bank transfer and money transfer mistakes. The station is unique because different platforms has different track gauges.

Currency exchange at Zitouna

You do better for fruit buying from the better of the many street-side vendors or visiting the Central Market. Although the locals, as in all of Tunisia, are friendly and helpful once you approach them, most politely ignore foreigners.

Located perfectly at Porte de France, this very basic hotel offers cheap accommodation. The waiters assume you will not remember the prices of everything you ordered and are mindful that foreign tourists will often round up to leave a tip, so may inflate the total to bring it closer to an amount that will further advantage them.

Banque Zitouna 3

This is not a trick particular to Tunisia, but seems to be one too frequently practised in this part of Tunis. A bit smoky, but has all of the local drinks save Stella, and is one of the few places that serves alcohol during Ramadan.

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The very nice and friendly men sitting nearby may offer to show you the medersas Quranic schools and panoramic views from terraces overlooking the mosque nearby for tips.

A similar problem exists with unofficial guides who hang around near tourist spots in the medina.

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Shoo them off if they start to launch into a spiel on the architectural wonders of this or that, or they will demand some payment for their unwanted services. Delicious West African food at very reasonable prices, popular with employees of the African Development Bank.

The food is excellent, and the management speaks English and French fluently, and can recommend various dishes. Located in a neat old building with marble staircases and a friendly staff.

Remember though it takes most vaccinations some weeks to become effective, so if you do take them here, they won't be functional until some time has passed.

Tunisian Dinar: Exchange rate

The station is impossible to miss - it's a large building parallel to the road on the south side. Chance to retell the family stories and oral traditions of your family whanau.

Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Rooms are basic the hotel building is old but clean.

Swift BIC code of Banque Zitouna which is located in Tunisia, Tunis is BZITTNTT

Towards the evening, the booths are no longer manned; instead, a staff member will be on board each tram and you buy your ticket on the tram. Tickets are less than one dinar and service is frequent, but busy during rush hour.

The tourist office adjacent to the Clock Tower has excellent maps of the medina that depict an interesting walking tour. Humanity is driven by just two things: Big portions with generous starters and fruit will set you back between 7 and 10 Dinar.

This place urgently needs some fresh paint, but for this price, it's not all that bad of a deal.