Zhirinovsky: Breaking Relations With Russia Will Be Suicidal for Ukraine – Vesti News Zhirinovsky: Breaking Relations With Russia Will Be Suicidal for Ukraine – Vesti News

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I think he just wanted to say something other than eastern or central regions, so Lvov came up.

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They made such a big deal out of it, people now are confused how to say it right. First 2 billion went there, then another 1 billion. Facts are something WP doesn't have in it's library.


A brilliant orator The interesting thing is that what he is saying here all became widely discussed and understood only 16 years later when Ukraine broke into civil war. Please refer to description for remarks, if you want better understanding.

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The things is, now Ukraneans became so impudent, that they imposing for us to use ''in Ukraine'', and not ''on Ukraine''. In this short interview, Zhirinovsky answers to question by a Ukranean jouranlist, who pushes the ethnic card again, implying that Russia has big ethnic problems, and allegedly opressing ethnic minorities.

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And they actually started to send money there. Fortunately, they realized their foolishness and stopped.

FUNNY: Russia's Zhirinovsky Tells a Joke: What is Difference Between Russians and Ukrainians?

Licensed Creative Commons reads Our ad revenue helps destroy media lies! Video Paul Kaiser Mon, Dec 5, 2, Comments Love him or hate him, he is brilliant, a great orator, and one of the smartest people on the Russian political stage. In this blistering speech from he argues that the newly formed country of Ukraine is completely controlled by the US, that it is not a real country and never was, that Kiev is Russian, and that Gorbachev is a traitor.

It is good stuff. This post first appeared on Russia Insider Anyone is free to republish, copy, and redistribute the text in this content but not the images or videos in any medium or format, with the right to remix, transform, and build upon it, even commercially, as long as they provide a backlink and credit to Russia Insider.

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Well worth a listen. Halusky - is a food, that can me made in different ways, but basically it is all the same. He said Lvov is Ukranean lands, but he had said a few times in the past, that Lvov, along with some other regions, should return to be a part of Poland.

It is not necessary to notify Russia Insider.


But, Zhirinovky as usual found what to answer. For some things it's on, for others - in.

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I'll leave links, in case you want to find out more about them: Before February coup d'etat, but during protests in Maidan, I think Yanukovich was already overthrown by then, or was just about to be, Russia agreed to give 15 billion dollars to Ukrain. These money of course disappeared, and will never be found.

Zhirinovsky was ardently protesting against this like he was doing for many many years. He explains the history of the Ukraine, how parts of it were seized by the Catholic church working through Polish proxies.

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