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Ysmenu infolib datehookup, community reputation

If you want to know more about how to locate offsets using DeSmuMe, hex editor, etc. If you have a gbatemp account you can also leave a reply in the thread.

[TUTORIAL] Amateur's Guide : How To Use and | RomUlation

If you want to edit the cheat database best is to use R4CCE. Make sure you remember! Edit either one of that set, by doing method 1.

Once done, press Ok. Simply copy all the codes when provided as it is.

[TUTORIAL] Amateur's Guide : How To Use TTDT.exe and R4CCE.exe

Yasu for the R4CCE. You can add those by doing the below steps; A. Of cause you won't need to edit them all. It should now be created in the left pane 5.

Simply copy the binaries where provided, then press OK. You can download it here. The right larger screen portion is for you to add the binaries from 00 to 0F.

This is the latest unofficial DSTT firmware made by ashley and the hacking team at http: I may have accidentaly left out or made a mistake with the ROM in question, if so, please tell me through the chatbox or the gbatemp thread. Then, in the savlib edit pane, determine the save file size limit 3.

Copy and Paste, locate the duplicate 3. If the 8 digits behind it is different from the one you had located, then what you can do are as follow; Method 1: Click 2x on the GAME you want to edit, it should be highlighted b.

For the ROMs that are included in the release, look under the latest date on the left. Open up the usrcheat.

May I know how to edit extinfo.dat, savlib.dat and infolib.dat

Because if you double click any of the list in it, it will cause a crash. Depending on condition, you can create a folder or sub-folder for the new codes below the exsisting codes 4. Just the DATS that had been pre-provided the offset database.

Edit the Game ID of the duplicated database 4. I'll expand this tutorial whenever I feel necessary.

About coolk

Unless there is a need to also have some fix on the save file as well, then there will be also in the savlib. I base my updates on their full library. For more information about 1. This guy is my best friend in real life; awesome guy. If you have a DSTT then you will already have this file; overwrite the one already there.

It is updated as more anti-piracy fixes are made. Without him, this wouldnt be possible.

Romulation for hosting this tutorial 2. So best is to ignore this feature. Ignore the red portion, edit the green portion with the 8 digits you have found d.