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But when his family moves back to Oakland, Nick must invent a supplementary 'bad-boy' persona within himself named Francois he has a moustache, and enjoys the occasional smokewho would be willing to cause the mayhem Nick wouldn't.


User Reviews "I'm going to wrap your legs around my head and wear you like the crown that you are. Though, unfortunately we are left filling in the majority of the gaps ourselves. What are the real-life ramifications of drug use -- and the real consequences? What messages does the movie send about teen sex?

Can't really explain that one, but he does seem to get some shit on some of these on-line forums.

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She works with a particular grace, and maturity that makes her performance at times overshadow that of the experience Cera. Despite this list containing the 'whose who' of Hollywood Boulevard, I was surprised to see that certain narrative arcs were ignored. When he eventually meets the girl of his dreams on a radiomar plus de peru online dating holiday, things get complicated really quickly.

Add your rating See all 7 kid reviews. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Do teens respond to more realistic or exciting depictions of teen life than parents may feel comfortable with?

And does that really make them more interesting, charismatic, and attractive? For instance, if the relationship between Nick and his father was expanded upon, it would have provided further substance to the film and the characters themselves.

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I found the depiction of our lead character's mom a bit offensive, insinuating that single mothers do nothing but sit around all day living off child support as if that's enough to do so. Emmet Walsh Mr Saunders also make an appearance in the extensive cast.

Cera is best known for being the stumbling, mumbling nice guy; Francois finally gives him a chance to strut and swagger, and he blossoms into it. Everything changes however for Nick when a brief, chance move from his lonely hometown of Oakland to a religious mobile trailer park in the small city of Ukiah brings him face to face with Sheeni Saunders Portia Doubleday — who is unequivocally the love of his life.

How does the film depict drug use? Exiled to a trailer park by his divorced mother and father's reduced circumstances, Nick Twisp Michael Cera is hating life Steve Buscemi is Nick's jobless father George Twisp, Zack Galifianakis is Nick's mothers first boyfriend Jerry who should never be let out around the Navy, and Ray Liotta plays Officer Wescott, a fascist policeman who also starts dating Nick's mother and becomes somewhat responsible for Nick's downfall.

She loves all things French and claims to have a boyfriend named Trent which further confuses…. Parents, take this opportunity to talk with your teens about your family's values.

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Youth in Revolt had a few endearing animated scenes most specifically the opening creditsmanaged to keep my interest, made me laugh a few times and gathered up a few actors I enjoy watching Buscemi, Liotta, Fred Willard.

But those affections are upset by Sheeni's devout parents' plans to send her off to boarding school. While aside from these two characters, Arteta's film also has an extensive A-list cast on show who take a backseat to the main story and occasionally chime in during the various convoluted sub-plots on show.

Micheal Cera has his Michael Cera moments though. The nicely tuned supporting cast -- including Justin LongFred WillardRay Liottaand Jean Smart -- also wrings nice moments out of the script in brief, brisk scenes. Youth In Revolt is another teen romantic comedy that's unfortunately short on laughs.

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I wonder how many coming of age films he will appear in before he hits 30? Francois's central objective is to get Nick kicked out of his dysfunctional home in Oakland, which he shares with his emotionally fragile mother Jean Smartand reunited with Sheeni, with the intention of living happily ever after while also losing his virginity.

What are the challenges of depicting teen life in print and on film? He is almost the common replica of the stereotypical teenage boy, except for the fact that he enjoys the films of Fellini and Godard. The amusing remarks, awkward sexual situations, and hardcore French supplementary personas are all there creating another comfortable vehicle for Cera, to drive to a French Boarding School.

The movie's road-trip narrative makes for a fairly episodic story, and some of Nick's attempts and actions in pursuit of Sheeni's affections are decidedly desperate, dangerous, and deranged; if you're looking for a story with a moral ending, you may want to look elsewhere.

As a sex-obsessed nerd with little luck with the ladies, Cera plays a virgin who can't wait to not be one.

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Cera and Doubleday carry the film along nicely, and provide some very humorous on-screen chemistry, especially during the sequences involving very awkward circumstances — i. Portia Doubleday in particular shines as unknown actress thrust into the supporting actress slot alongside Michael Cera.

Miguel Arteta has created a very funny and witty film in 'Youth in Revolt,' that despite having its flaws and areas in which it could have improved upon, ultimately prevails as another competent coming-of-age teen-flick that is centred around the holiest of teenage sanctities: Families can talk about the themes the film explores -- do teens have to act up, act out, and make mistakes?

Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Undaunted, Nick creates a swaggering bad-boy alter-ego named Francois Dillinger who has the guts and cool to pull off schemes that Nick would never attempt -- and proceeds to pursue Sheeni far beyond the bounds of reasonable behavior.

But Youth in Revolt has enough chaotic charm and feral funny stuff to make it a bizarre, blackly comedic entry in the teen-flick canon.