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After finishing as a runner-up in a local beauty pageant inYoon lived in obscurity for some six years while trying to find work as an actress.

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But with the new show, she seems to have gotten over the complex. That show secured for her a legion of middle-aged female fans who shed tears for her conflicted character: She's humble about her appearance.

Yoon Jung Hee

Plot[ edit ] The stories in this series revolve around the members of two families that have strongly contrasting backgrounds. As relationships develop and paths cross, the fates of the Ha and Lee families become closely intertwined.

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In the events that follow, the beliefs and values of both families will be challenged, secrets will be unearthed, and new ties will be forged. The second brother, Ha Tae-young Kim Sung-minis impetuous and outspoken, and finds his match in a tomboyish policewoman Maya.

One is a traditional patriarchal family Ha family trying its best to uphold the reputation of its family name, while the other is a nouveau riche family Lee family that got wealthy from loansharking and other shady business dealings.

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Dan-ah bears the emotional burden of being widowed at a young age, and is unable to let go of the memory of her husband who died in a serious car accident. The two main sub-plots focus on the romantic relationships of Dan-ah's twin brothers. The elder is Ha Soo-young Jeon No-mina mild, placid man who meets and falls in love with a girl several years his junior Shin Da-eun.

A strange turn of events brings this unlikely duo together in a mock dating game, which turns serious as both parties find themselves changing for the sake of the other.

I freed myself from my obsession that I had to pronounce every word and every line clearly, and that's made it possible for me to act naturally. Yet it may be this difference that has brought her so much popularity with her two dramas.

But her new character, Lee Ji-yeon, is a cheerful, strong single mother who continues to smile even though her husband deserted her for another woman.

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She has several unpleasant encounters with Kang-suk, an unscrupulous businessman whose main aim in life is to defeat his opponents in the business arena.

I realized that the more I tried to hide my weaknesses, the more obvious they stood out. I still need to learn a lot. Yoon's character is one of the reasons the new show is increasingly popular.

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I think it's the story that attracts viewers. Ji-yeon can be neither too lively nor too depressing.

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But I've learned to accept it and that lets me feel at ease. Although I couldn't forgive him completely.

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You're not talented enough. I've been lucky because so many people have helped me come this far.