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The sound is good as dating a white guy tumblr themes and it comes equipped with an electric and kick start.


The bike is advertised elsewhere so reserve the right to end the auction early. In the camshaft was redesigned to improve economy and top end power, however it sacrificed a lot of bottom to mid range torque.

It also comes with a rack and kickstarter why I dont know cause its fuel injected. Despite these minor hitches the bike does feel reliable for a low priced model.

Credit where credit is due though, it does have a Yamaha badge and that means a better resale price.


If you want a cheap, efficient, fun, light weight, and reliable there is nothing better. I have saddle bags on my ybr and i need to remove the seat as the saddle bags sit across the bike under my seat.

It comes with the basics like a luggage rack, analogue clocks, a grabrail and a fuel gauge. Free Local Pickup, Item: Also what is the acceleration like from about 50 - 70?


Within six months all the 'cheap' chrome was rusting over, Yamaha replaced it and within six months it was going again. The main downside to most people will be the lack of speed however as a commuter bike or a for long journeys it is perfect.

I've been riding bikes for over 25 years and brought one of these YBR Custom machines from new. The bike can handle just about anything, and seems to run forever. Areas like the gearbox and wiring could be improved.

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It was back on the road within 6 hours. Hey jdfillbrook bike looks lovely. While the seating is comfortable, the mirrors are not as effective. Since then I have covered 29, miles to bring the total mileage to 54, miles with only minor problems or consumables.

The bike has a full service history and has been serviced at the following intervals.

Yamaha YBR Custom For Sale | Car And Classic

This is a budget bike and we have to admit, you can tell. I'd recommend the YBR to anyone. The rear brake is a little weak, but it does the job and the front brake is strong enough to make up for it if you know how to ride.

Five-speed manual, Start Type: The suspensions are basic but work efficiently with excellent braking. Granby motors imports Suzuki GN bikes from France for a grand less.

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So get a quote on their 5-Star Defaqto rated cover today. Keep the quid and spend it on something better like a big bike when you pass your test or maybe a crappy lexmoto arrow bike and another 2.

The bike is in excellent condition having been kept in a garage since new and has been well looked after. The clock cover has a slight scuff see photo. Definitely got my eye on the YBR Custom. The bike is strong and can really absorb abuse.

Yamaha ybr125

The bike really is in excellent condition with only a few minor marks from general use. This bike feels very vague to ride. If you are 17 and looking for a to last for a couple of years to come then get a cbf if you must buy new. This bike is also slow. The bike is rather light weight, offers good handling, and is easy to corner.

Do you experience false neutral in this bike?

Yamaha ybr 125 custom

Do you know how to lift the seat up? Only once has the bike been un-rideable, and that was due to the timing sprocket snapping off of the camshaft at 53, miles.

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Top heavy, almost wobbly around corners and the stock tyres are JST or some rubbish; nylon tyres from Thailand. When you strip the bike down half of the components aren't even Yamaha, with many parts of the bike being made in Spain and China and getting replacement components is a nightmare, I couldn't even get a proper original replacement exhaust when I needed one and had to fit a non-standard.

Otherwise get one reasonably cheap. The engine is strong, and pulls nicely. However regular oil checks and top ups are needed and the standard headlight bulbs are prone to failing on rough roads.

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Overall a great bike for beginners to hone their riding skills. I done my CBT for the first time in January this year and hear this is a good bike for new entrants. Perfect for London and the south east. Brakes were good and were still as good with a pillion on the back.

Really poor review, you need more practice in front of camera. I also include Ace bars, bar end mirrors and shorter cables if you prefer the cafe racer look,I have also included a couple of photos with them fitted.