Last Goodbye For 'We Got Married' Couple Park Se Young & Wooyoung : News : KpopStarz Last Goodbye For 'We Got Married' Couple Park Se Young & Wooyoung : News : KpopStarz

Wooyoung and park se young really dating sim, hong jong-hyun & kim yura

That person is you without change.

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I cried the during the whole final episode. Their action toward each other is quite real. This couple was really had naturally The way they shy, awkward, embarrass, smile, skin-ship it's like the real couple need to past before came to be real couple They may not be very vocal about their feelings not until the last episode but you can see it in their actions, especially how they look at each other, that they have developed some kind of affection for each other.

Such a fast ending for a good couple.

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Their relation progress in the most natural and sweetest way. And I knew wooyoung like it a lot So much feeling the final episode.

And I'm loving it because I want my idol to be happy and I think he's really inspired. They were so awkward at the beginning but just like any beautiful relationship, they overcame their differences. I shed a tear on their last episode.

Jang Wooyoung And Park Se young

When you watch these two together, it felt so real. She said she know how to show feelings for him in the future, He said from now on They were openly affectionate with each other. It's really fun to watch them together. The relationship they showed is not the virtual relationship I was expecting but beyond that.

However, the later episodes proved me wrong.

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The way Wooyoung is giving hints in his IG, I think they are still together secretly. Love them to bits! Wooyoung and Park Se Young shared a lot of fun, happy moments together and delighted their viewers with their sweetness for almost nine months.

They are so much alike as well as different.

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I must say these two has a natural way of showing they care for each other. I hope they get married for real! I'm sure she had feeling for him. Their chemistry was so great that we can feel their feeling toward each other.

They also painted a bench and donated it to a local park for tourism purposes.

2PM's Wooyoung and Park Se Young Call It Quits : Celebs : KDramaStars

Divorced or virtual marriage ended or guys walked away from girls or girls cry their eyes out, but not like them. She is cool in one side but always caring in other side. She's so pretty and lovely in and out. This couple is different from the rest.

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For now the singer-dancer-actor and the actress each have a busy schedule that leaves little time for dating. Hope to see both of them on future projects! This couple represents how the real relatinshiop grow. No pretending and forcing at all to adore them. I hope fans will support and not bother their relationship too much.

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Just like a normal people who are in love. I don't know, 2Young will always be my favorite couple! I have to accept it, but I don't want to. It was the same.

Wooyoung and Park Se Young Go To an Amusement Park on "We Got Married"

Wooyoung comforted her by giving her a kiss on her cheek. You can see them going through all the natural stages of dating and the feelings that they give off. They cooked octopus together. I love them so much!

So that they will be together forever I pray.