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And girl's only doing that gesture for person that we love Moreover, this couple is unique for me, they are pretty match as well. Arh I love this couple so much.

With every episode you can feel the journey of coming close. You can tell it from their eyes. Love them to bits!

Wooyoung & Seyoung (2Young)

Its dirty though, but seyoung do it naturally like wooyoung really her true husband! This couple represents how the real relatinshiop grow. It is the only couple that made me feel sad and regretful when they were about to apart in their last episode.

They were so awkward at the beginning but just like any beautiful relationship, they overcame their differences. Comfortable and enjoyable to watch them.

I love them so much! Everyday there is something or the other to look forward to.

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They both complete each other apart from both of them so good looking. Wiping someone sweat not an easy We've seen their relationship bloom from getting to know you stage as being friends to married sweethearts from awkwardness to closeness.

Their gaze made our heart flutter, that's why they chosen for the best couple that make our heart flutter. The production people suspected them, even the PD ask them if they have something to confess to her, that they are dating.

Their relationship is too adorable. At the end they compliment each other I stop watching WGM a long time ago, oncreatecontextmenu not called dating I immediately started watching it again when I found out wooyoung was going to be in it since I'm a huge 2PM fan.

They look cute together. The way they both stare at each other and the body language is something you can't fake.

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They are so much alike as well as different. Wooyoung is my bias, I don't like Seyoung at woo young and seyoung dating site but I tried to research and watched some of her dramas.

Their relationship progressed slowly and it just felt real. I came to respect her, her eyes and smile gave a sincere vibe in WGM different from her acting in her dramas. That reflects high level of familiarity.

This couple is no doubt.

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Which makes you heart flutter as it marks into your heart. She even can wipe Wooyoung's sweat with her bare hands which I believe not much of us can do it.

She is cool in one side but always caring in other side. You can see it in the way they stare at each other.

But as their relationship and skinship developed, I say developed because there were ups and downs i. She's so pretty and lovely in and out. They really showed their true selves to each other and the audience without much reservation.

This couple is different from the rest. I hope fans will support and not bother their relationship too much.

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I am still missing them very much and want to see them together one day! Their relation progress in the most natural and sweetest way. It made me feel butterfly in my stomach. To sum it up.

Wooyoung & Seyoung (2Young): Favorite We Got Married Couples | TheTopTens®

I can sense that Seyoung and Wooyoung have really fallen for each other. There were times when I feel like Wooyoung was acting. However, the later episodes proved me wrong. Sad but happy the same time. Why I love these two cuties is they can show us best how is the real relationship of married life by acting simple and very natural, the way they act is mostly identity with what happened in real lives.

This couple was really had naturally The way they shy, awkward, embarrass, smile, skin-ship it's like the real couple need to past before came to be real couple They may not be very vocal about their feelings not until the last episode but you can see it in their actions, especially how they look at each other, that they have developed some kind of affection for each other.

I hope they get married for real!

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I must say these two has a natural way of showing they care for each other. I was so interested in this couple that I skipped the other 2 couples just to get to this couple.

And I am really in love with Se Young because she's totally gorgeous in an out. No pretending and forcing at all to adore them. If they are dating, I rather them do it secretly because like most of the celebrity say that if you are not going to marry them, then don't announce your relationship.

We can't get enough of both of them. The way Wooyoung is giving hints in his IG, I think they are still together secretly. She's not trying to build image but shows her real personalities.

Jang Woo Young & Park Seyoung lyrics

Their action toward each other is quite real. I hope to see them soon together again! Talking about judging a book from its cover, eh? This couple is the first couple that I feel attached to, because they went through a lot of up and down. For these reasons, we are so lucky to witness their relationship to sprout, grow and blossom.

I love how she caring her baby-husband sincerely. Like most women do, she scolds her husband when its needed. This couple make me engaging them all the time that I watch They was really cute together, They behaviour was really interesting Seyoung the girl who's can wiping Wooyoung sweat by her bare hands that was really ship me When I watch seyoung wiping his sweat