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The identification algorithm is characterized by its robustness against disturbances such. Using the Bode plotter the batch mode can be, for example, also be used to carry out experimental frequency response measurements. Through the graphical user interface Windows, an extremely low learning curve with a high ease of use is guaranteed.

The analysis of linear transmission systems by calculating step response, Bode diagram, Nyquist plot, root locus and pole-zero distribution. The simulation and optimization of control loops. Some other features in brief: In addition to conventional methods, a focus of the program concept is in the range of novel methods as fuzzy logic and fuzzy control.

For numeric entry fields in parameter dialogs, a click with the right mouse button suffices to display a message box with indication of range. Therefore, an automatic range specification was integrated: The solution diverse measuring, control and regulation tasks with the PC thus becomes a breeze.

Lucas Nülle - Software WinFact (Module BORIS, FLOP, INGO, inkl. Fuzzy) Studienlizenz (D)

Depending on the firmware installed, the thus configured hardware then, for example, as an ordinary PID controller, as, adapted as fuzzy or used as a universal system simulator are fuzzy controller without the need for additional software such as compilers, monitor programs o.

Frame Functionality Integrated revision control system Fast color choice on color toolbar User-definable system block pallets Monitoring of winfact boris simulation dating Watch window Global fitting of sampling discrete time blocks PID tuning rules optional Message management via IPC optional Programmable logic module optional Advanced measurement functions in most modules Operating point setting for identification Adjustable Home Directories More about the current version WinFACT 8 … User interface The program system has the typical Windows user interface.

If you select the corresponding menu item in the status winfact boris simulation dating of the program window, a corresponding short description is displayed.

The synthesis of linear regulator. Parameter studies without user intervention.

Operator control and monitoring. As measurement noise and is applicable to any types of input signals. It can all degrees of freedom offered by the fuzzy logic, are exhausted: Represents the Toolbar Help If it is activated, automatically displays a help window with an explanation of the button function when the cursor is over the button for more than about one second.

Parameter Variable structures can be realized in a simple manner. The program first system contains all the components necessary for the analysis and synthesis of conventional control loops.

Reviews There are no reviews yet. WinFACT provides the user with a number of different on line — assistance functions at work to: In this way, the problems associated with the different buttons functions can be learned easily.

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Boris even has a number of operating and visualization elements. Components, for example for graphical analysis of measurement or simulation results based on the Windows MDI standards complete the program system. For the experienced user this help function is switched off course.

Please click on the left graphic opposite to view the screenshot in full size. WinFACT consists of an assortment of individual, in principle, independent and bined program modules, between which an extremely simple manner, data transfer via various communication channels is possible.

Different types of fuzzy sets Various linking operators and inference Variety of defuzzification Design and Analysis of Hybrid Systems — consisting of conventional and fuzzy components — is possible on the basis of a block-oriented simulation.

His imagination knows no limits! All components contain detailed help texts. In addition, for special purposes as an alternative is a powerful range of special hardware devices on microcontroller basis, which can be programmed directly from WinFACT out via the serial interface.

Scope WinFACT provides users with support in all phases of the controller design, starting from the modeling through the analysis of the controlled system to the design of the controller and the simulation of the closed control loop.

Regulators components are all common standard terms available. A variety of license types allow the user an optimal combination of the most suitable for him package. WinFACT allows this via appropriate hardware drivers coupling solutions for almost all forms of PC-internal or external hardware components, there are PC cards, microcontroller boards or bus-coupled hardware systems.

About the multi-Plotter, the results of a batch run to present in a clear form. The identification of linear systems using measured waveforms of the input and output size.

A variety of programming interfaces and data formats enables communication with various peripherals, external processes and user-own software products and third-party software. Program Philosophy WinFACT represents an innovative, modular software system that provides the one hand tools for the analysis, synthesis and simulation of conventional control systems are available, on the other hand especially for the treatment components of Fuzzy Systems and Neural Networks includes.

This manifests itself to the user, especially in the characteristic menu structure with the optional selection via keyboard shortcut or toolbars and the usual comfortable input dialogs which exclude incorrect entries largely.

The Flexible Animation Builder for BORIS optional enables the user the ability to create without any programming skills by dragging and dropping animations, process visualization and user interfaces.