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In the original version, he calls Rigodon "Tontorron", which is a Spanish word for "fool" or "idiot". Rigodon's hopes of a quiet lifestyle, however, were quickly dashed when Fog accepted the wager to travel around the world in eighty days.

Shortly afterwards, the Henrietta runs out of coal, compelling Fog to buy the ship in order to burn the wood on board as fuel; Speedy, who will be allowed to keep whatever remains, is forced to look on helplessly as the ship is stripped of wood.

Andrew Speedy Andrew Speedy a bear is the short-tempered captain of the cargo ship Henrietta. His first attempt was a failure, as he worked for a gentleman who constantly travelled, and so he sought out employment with Willy Fog, knowing that Fog's strict routine meant he never travelled far.

Despite his role of antagonist, he is an honorable character, driven by a strong sense of duty and is often outraged to see Fog spending what he believes to be dating china chow money, but is also an exceptionally excitable comic foil, who frequently muddles his words, at one point claiming to be a "pursuit officer in police of the criminal who rules of dating a married woman the Bank of England!

The English dub of the series provided him with the given name of "Clifford".


Tico has a crush on her and is always looking out for her safety, but as their journey together continues, it becomes clear she only has eyes for Mr. In the Finnish dub some scenes are cut, which includes musical numbers in some episodes.

She originally accompanies Willy Fog on his journey with the intent of finding relatives of hers in Singapore, only to stay with his company after finding them long dead and acting as a medic to care for the wounded that they encounter.

Main characters[ edit ] Willy Fog Willy Fog Phileas Fogg in the original novel and French, Finnish and Greek translation of this series is a well-mannered, well-read Willy fog intro latino dating gentleman who is loyal to his friends and always true to his word.

Wesson a stoat is the owner of the Morning Chronicle and Ralph's boss, while Farrel a fox and Johnson a raccoon own a shipping line and a railway respectively. The songs were synced with the movement of the animated characters.

Commissioner Rowan Commissioner Rowan, a cat, is the head of Scotland Yard and was the one responsible for sending Dix and Bully after Fog, warning them they would be fired if they bungled the assignment.

After falling victim to Transfer's attempt to poison Fog, he gives Fog command of the ship and orders him to head for Liverpool so he can receive medical attention; however, he recovers while still at sea. He is a master of disguise and can imitate perfectly the voices and mannerisms of those he is impersonating — but the audience can always identify him by light briefly catching his glass eye.

Perhaps most prominently, "Hay Que Viajar" was retitled "Daisy", and became a song about a woman by that name. Czech[ edit ] In Czech some scenes from Willy Fog episodes are cut songs.

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Constable Bully Constable Bully — a cockney bulldogas his name implies — is Inspector Dix's partner, although he would rather be playing darts at the pub or enjoying a Sunday roast at his mum's house than trekking across the globe. Supporting characters[ edit ] Mr.

He and Ralph continue to support Fog and his party, even when popular opinion has turned against them, and he sometimes expresses regret that his age has prevented him from joining the expedition.

He accepts Fog's bet and, determined to ensure Fog's failure and expose him as a "worthless bragger", decides to send a saboteur, Transfer, after Fog's steps.

Inspector Dix The blustering Inspector Dix based on Inspector Fix from the original novel and named the same for both the French and Finnish translation of the series is a scent hound who works for Scotland Yard.

The article states that one departs London by train for Doverwhere one crosses to Calaisand on to Paris. Following Transfer's failure to stop Fog he is sacked as head of the Bank of England on charges of misappropriation of funds. He then stuns the club by announcing that he will leave that very evening and promises to return to the club by 8: Convinced that Fog is the one responsible for robbing the Bank of England, he trails the travellers around the world looking for the proof he needs to arrest Fog, constantly trying to delay their travels to keep them on British soil so that he might arrest them, if the warrant he awaits is ever delivered.

Extended versions of both the opening and closing theme tunes were regularly sung by the characters in-show in short musical numbers during the course of the series.

Rigodon is accompanied by his old circus colleague Tico, who hides within his travelling bag, and prompts him through the interview, which gets off to a bad start when Rigodon arrives four minutes late.

Rigodon is less than thrilled to hear the news of their impending trip, having spent his life travelling with the circus. Ever the gentleman, he eschews violence of any form whenever possible, but is never without his cane, which is all he needs to defend himself and others.

A good-hearted fellow at his core, Bully is subject to the whims of the demanding Inspector Dix, and his general clumsiness and tendency to get travel-sick often strain the inspector's patience to the breaking point. Fog at first, concealing the small hamster he has a hamster's tail instead of a mouse's, which means he cannot be a mouse within his travelling bag until their journey was underway.

Throughout the series, he has to fend off the demands of Sullivan, who has learned of the suspicions against Fog. He resides in London and although he is well known for his wealth, the precise source of his money is unknown as his occupation is never elaborated on.

Sullivan's off-hand remark that the thief is still in London causes the elderly Lord Guinness to bring up an article in the Morning Chronicle, detailing how it is now possible to travel around the world in eighty days. All six songs were re-recorded in their entirety — even "Romy", which did not appear in the series.

Hong Kong is reached on day 33, Yokohama on day 39, and then a mammoth three-week crossing of the Pacific to arrive in San Francisco on day 61, a week-long train crossing to New York City and then finally a nine-day crossing of the Atlantic back to London making it possible to circumnavigate the globe in eighty days.

"Around the world with Willy Fog" (1981) Intro

Rigodon Prior to working for Willy Fog, multi-talented French feline Rigodon occupying the role of Passepartout from the original novel; however, Brazilian, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew and Slovak dubbing named him Passepartout was a circus performer, but wanting to escape the travelling life of the circus, Rigodon sought out employment as a manservant.

Spanish[ edit ] Six songs were crafted for the series, composed by background score writers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis and performed by the group Mocedades. Tico Self-proclaimed "mascot" of the show, Tico is Rigodon's best friend and former partner in the circus.

Rather oddly, Speedy appears in the show's opening sequence among a group consisting of Dix, Transfer, and Ralphdespite only featuring in a small number of episodes towards the end of the series. Transfer Transfer is a gray wolf, hired to sabotage Fog's journey by his rival, Mr. Tico is well known for his epic appetite, and is rarely seen without his "sun-clock", an archaeological artifact gifted to him early on the trip that uses the sun to tell time.

When the Rajah died, she was destined to be burned alongside him on the funeral pyrebut was rescued by Rigodon, who risked his own life in the process. He leads his life according to many strict, precise rules — something afforded him by his long-term bachelor lifestyle.

Having rounded the Arabian peninsula, one would arrive in Bombay on day 20 and then a three-day railway journey to Calcutta. From there, it is a train journey to Brindisiand the Suez Canalall within a week.


He chooses to accompany them on their journey through India "for the honour of Great Britain", and is instrumental in helping to mount the rescue of Princess Romy.

Ralph Ralph, a squirrelis the idealistic young reporter who wrote the article which inspired Fog's journey. Brigadier Corn A deermember of the British Army stationed in India, Brigadier Corn is on his way to rejoin his regiment when he crosses paths with Fog and his friends. The other members of the club laugh at Lord Guinness's suggestion that he would take on the challenge if he were younger, prompting Fog to defend his honor by taking up the task himself.

Sullivan arrives and requests a change of topic. Nevertheless, Rigodon dutifully accompanies his master on his trip, his circus-born agility and daring coming in handy on more than one occasion.

However, he dutifully accompanies his master as they set out, with Tico still in hiding. The pair are inseparable, but Rigodon was forced to hide Tico from Mr. It would, however, later be used as the closing theme of the sequel series, "Willy Fog 2".

Even when the odds seemed stacked against Fog and his party, he rarely loses hope that they will succeed. Whether or not his being both a deer and a brigadier is a deliberate pun is unknown. Throughout the series, he employs a variety of tactics to delay Fog and his party, ranging from leading them in the wrong direction to deliberately causing accidents.

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Inspector Dix and Constable Bully of Scotland Yard are convinced that Fog is the thief who robbed the Bank of England, and the wicked and conniving Transfer, a saboteur, was hired by Mr.

He has already arranged an interview for a replacement — former circus performer Rigodon, who is even now rushing towards Fog's house to make his Sullivan to impede Fog's journey in any way.

Little do they know, however, that they are pursued by three individuals determined to halt their progress. The sixth song, "Romy", was performed by the titular character, although it only featured in the series in an instrumental form.

Tico is the only case in which the original version and English-language dub differ on a character's nationality: Nonetheless, Rigodon is hired by Fog as his butler and soon departs for the Reform Club.

But those "deleted scenes" are used in the opening and ending.