Jeans Wholesale Market In Bangalore Jeans Wholesale Market In Bangalore

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Bengaluru is blessed with a good number of malls and is attracting a lot of shoppers on a daily basis. Make sure to visit Blossom's Book House which one of the oldest bookshops in the city and every reader's go-to place.

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Register your boutique for FREE and start shopping in 24 hours! I don't usually buy for full retail price. The pursuit of athleisure and quality-centric fitness apparel have been our manifesto.

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Bangalore cold approach vs online dating has such shops in abundance. I haven't been there, I've heard it's really worth checking out.

Our products range from denim goods, casual bottoms, leisure wear, day dresses, to outerwear. It is situated next to the famous National market and is known for branded Jeans, Shirts, and Tees.

Once you have found your style, you can try it out and most of the times, the trial denim will make an exact fit. I usually go there if I'm looking for something very specific, like jeans, corduroy or trousers.

One can easily find clothes, accessories, phones, cameras and tablets there at a relatively lower price.

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Whether it is groceries or sweets, spices or flowers, confectionery or condiments, Jayanagar is sure to drown you in a sea of options. Large selection of women's fashion updated frequently with new trending styles! We specialize in trendy fashion clothing that loads fast changing fashion world today.

ThinkTank Malleswaram is one stop shop for all your needs. This is one of the most beautiful places to take a walk around and explore the city on foot. With all its colour, vibrancy and variety, this place is definitely not to miss. Malleswaram One of the most popular traditional markets of Bengaluru, Malleswaram is famous for its flower market, herbs, spices and vegetables.

A great range of formal and informal 'men jeans' are offered by BNB to cater different masses who like to wear different materials of jeans.

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Image Credits — Sportsdirect Brigade Road Well, not all shops on Brigade road are pocket-friendly but I have found one that sells some really quality stuff for a reasonable price.

This local market is most popular for the wide variety of saris and wholesale dress materials it has on sale for very reasonable prices. Make sure to taste some of the most delicious street foods here and while you are at it, try out food at Vidyarthi Bhawan. If brands are not your thing, then as previously suggested, Chickpet is a good area to hunt for clothing and fabrics.

Brand Factory is very satisfactory in this regard. The biggest problem that arises while visiting these places is the transportation.

Dresses, tops, bottoms, rompers, jackets, plus size and other premium quality apparel. Image Credits — Justdial Ganesh Temple Street, Kammanahalli If you are near Kammanahalli then Resaca, Xdarx, V2 Fashion point are a few shops where you can buy branded jeans at a relatively lower price and sometimes you can grab some discounts too.

The thing you have to worry about is that whether the jeans is fit to his physique or not. It houses a good collection of branded showrooms, 12 cinema halls by PVR and numerous eateries.

10 Popular and Wholesale Places to Shop Denim and Jeans in Bangalore

The Forum is one of the most popular hangout spots for the youth in Bangalore and still remains crowded on weekends. Even though this commercial area is narrow and crowded, Bangaloreans still love to shop here to get the best at a reasonable price. The timing of the market is from They always have good deals, and the quality is great.

Ranging from denim to cotton jeans, are available at a call away from you.

Commercial Street

Also, a friendly advice would be to bargain and not pay immediately what is asked for. If you are looking for particularly badass women's biker attire, we're it! With new items updated daily, we strive to offer the highest quality fashion at the very best prices.

We are proud to showcase trendy and fashionable yet affordable high-performance activewear. We thrive on delivering a chic and comfortable lifestyle to our customers across the nation.

If you cant find something in Bangalore, you will certainly be able to find it in Malleswaram. Brigade Road img source: We also carry jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, flip-flops, belts and cosmetics.

Our clothing is distinct California style for women, juniors, missy, and children.

Okalipuram Street

Good bargaining skills are sure to make your shopping experience at Commercial Street much more worthwhile. Mark a day in the month and visit the place that has sealed its spot as one of the 6 cheap places for shopping in Bangalore. It's quite a small outlet, we can't expect a huge selection there.

A friendly tip would be to eat out at Vidyarthi Bhavan for sure. Sometimes the little things in life have the most to offer - so do these little shops constructed at the corner of the road.

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Otherwise, we have listed few shopping streets in Bangalore which you can certainly take a look at. If you want to make any length alterations then there is an option. Avenue Road Dotted with heritage buildings and lying close to Chickpet and Bengaluru railway station, Avenue Road is best known for second-hand books.

A perfect blend of the old and the new, Bengaluru offers tons of options for the locals and tourists to indulge in sightseeing, explore the museums, eat and drink and of course, shop in some of the most vibrant markets in the country. The concept of 'Men Jeans' was thought as something traditional; but BNB has brought up an exquisite form of comfortable and recent stuff meant to add up style and luxury.

Our company is committed to create the highest quality in fashion denim, accomplishing the ultimate fit, comfort and style. For the bargain-conscious shopper, this is the best place to get what you want and at the price you feel is worth the buy.