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In this situation, ice packs applied to the affected area can usually help reduce swelling.

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This is often a natural part of the rehabilitation process, however if symptoms do not improve again within a day or so you will need to reduce the workload. It is important the cold is applied at the point of pain on the tendon.

Having a reduced range of motion in some of the muscle groups used for jumping can impair movement efficiency placing undue stress on the patellar tendon. Get Updates Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates.

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Identify any biomechanical problems that may increase the risk for example over pronation of the foot, a loose kneecap or a tight iliotibial band. However, not overusing the knee while treating jumper's knee may be the best remedy.

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It is essential that specific eccentric strengthening exercises are continued throughout the rehabilitation process and not stopped when sports specific training begins. The activity that patient's usually experience the pain in, is usually when they're asked to load their leg and asked the quad to work in an eccentric manner meaning it's lengthening while it's contracting.

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Another option that can help manage the pain is the application of some form of anti-inflammatory cream to the affected area. It increases blood circulation deep into the problem area using infrared light.

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Stretch the quadriceps muscles. In addition to the quadriceps muscles it is important to stretch the hamstrings, calf muscles and iliotibial band as well. Sand Training - Sand training is another fun way to develop your vertical jump without the jarring impact of traditional plyometrics.

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If the injury becomes chronic then surgery is an option. I am doing the Jump Manual workout.

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I have been playing sports my whole life and don't ever want to quit playing sports. Also, your feet should be examined to see if you have a problem with overpronation fallen arch. Use ultrasound or laser treatment.

Pain at the bottom and front of the kneecap especially when pressing in. These Tips should help you get over your Jumpers Knee and help to keep it gone. If these methods don't work, surgery might be considered.

Jumpers Knee

Other athletes sometimes feel pain before and after training, but don't feel much pain during the actual training because the muscles have been warmed up. An eccentric strengthening programme is generally recommended.

An intensive rehabilitative program is normally advised following surgery. It can really make a big difference. For the purpose of this article we have used the term patella tendonitis as well as tendinopathy but strictly speaking tendinopathy is usually the correct term.


Aims of rehabilitation Reduce initial pain and inflammation. By taking a few precautionary steps you can reduce your chances of getting injured significantly. I don't have any problems now that I keep my doses low and don't take any on cardio days - From L-Glutamine at max doses I felt like it made my whole body a little achy.

When this occurs, the patellar tendon may experience continuous stress during strenuous exercise, causing inflammation, tears or even a rupture. If you are smart and you take the right steps beforehand, or at worst, as soon as it appears, you can easily minimize the severity and duration of your suffering.

I'm confident that its going to work for you, but whether it does or not, please submit a Testimonial so that we can all share valuable info to help each other out. It is very very very important to have Great Shoes and Great Insoles.

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Patellar Tendon Support Strap. It tends to be in the younger population in general. Stretching and Mobility Work. Read on for more valuable info. Wear proper fitting shoes that are right for the activity; Use orthotics to support the arch if necessary; and Gently stretch before and after exercising.

Good exercises for Jumpers Knee and jumping in general are the lunge variations as they really target the VMO and build stability of the joint.

You don't have to be involved in any jumping sport.

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