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His favorite genre of music used to be rock but it has changed to rap as he grown older. I didn't believe it one bit. Wesley stromberg dating has his own protien powder called "Vita Lyfe" on his website. He tagged the girl with his lips.

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It's what guys do," he chuckled. I seem to always be laughing around Wesley. He didn't know whether to tell me the truth, or make me feel like he wouldn't tell. Wesley's hobbies is going to the gym and surfing. His Snapchat is 'wessnappinchats' He is a vegan as of late He loves beer and sushi.

His favorite album is Sublime self-titled album His first solo EP was called 'Bite Your Lip and Take It' His favorite colors are blue and red He loves wearing snapbacks He used to be a quarterback when he was in school He became the main singer of 'American Scholars' when he was 13 One of his favorite movies is Star Wars.

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Should I be worried? That's probably why he cheated on me. I would never tell anyone, even Mariana. I know you too well. Where are we going?

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His favorite food when he was a kid was pizza. You'll like it, he says. He has an iPhone 6 His first kiss was in first grade during a game of tag. I hope I like this one, but as long as he's there, it should be enjoyable.

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I know he's quick to jump into relationships, at least he used to be. He always does that. The Wesley I remember would only go a few weeks," I laughed.

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He was the first member of the band to move to Huntington Beach to pursue a music career. Plus I feel kinda bad I haven't spent a lot of time with Mari. Think he went to Tyler's, but you should leave them alone. His biggest pet peeve is washing the dishes.

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Prove it," he challenged back. And they're probably doing what they suspect we're doing.

Wesley Stromberg

It's a surprise, he says. I already know they're having sex. I wouldn't want anyone ever talking about that to another guy.

He has his own app of free music.

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His favorite restaurant is Sushi On Fire. It's something private, and it's kind of weird that guys talk about it openly. Do you tell him when you're having sex with a girl?

She was a dancer on xFactor, and it honestly meant nothing," he defensively held up his hands. He formed the band 'Deffered Prosecution' when he was He is an amazing bowler and once scored You have someone other than Elijah?