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And what it was was that it was bigger than us. This is part of the new American family. There were no worst parts, Jill.

Well, the reason why we shared the ceremony is that we felt it was bigger than us, on a social level or a civil rights weihnachtsgeschirr flirt von r&b divas. Finally, Diva Syleena has enough songs to present to Wayne Williams and the pressure is on her to make a decision.

I mean, I worried.

“R&B Divas” star Monifah talks wedded bliss and dealing with haters

Absolutely, I have hope. They asked, and we were like, well, we have to think about it. I had nerves, and I was a little short-fused as far as patience and stuff like that.

Yeah, I was going to ask how you felt about having such a personal event also be this kind of landmark, historic thing of the first televised African-American, same-sex wedding.

Diva Monifah takes the ladies wedding dress shopping with her and announces who is going to Hawaii.

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The night of the concert arrives and the celebs come out to witness history as the Divas take the stage for their big event. And if I have to be a voice, I will be.

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I think people get caught up in the celebration and pleasing people. That is what is different. After many years of addiction and tough times, she is now happy, clean, wise, and in love, and also just happens to be making history.

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I was dealing with a lot of things at one time. It was beautiful, and it was just the way it was supposed to be. Monifah took some time to talk to us this week about her wedding, her peace with the fact that her religious daughter decided not to attend, gay rights in the South, the future, and much more.

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Same-gendered couples are a part of America. Diva Angie wants the ladies to sing at her star studded birthday bash but not everyone is on board.

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Yeah, what they call the Bible Belt in America? Individually, people are way more compassionate and non-judgmental than I think the media would like to make us think.

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Unaware of the stress between the Divas, Monifah and Terez get married. In this area, there needs to be some change. And of course, because Terez surprised me, asking me to marry her on national television— AE: Because I think the media pushes a lot of propaganda based on thinking you have a lot of ignorance and hate.

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What was the best and the worst part of the wedding? So we made our minds up that we were going to have a good time, and that this is a happy occasion.

We thought about it.

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Meanwhile, Diva KeKe pushes Michael to have more children. In honor of her autistic son, Diva Meelah throws an Autism Awareness concert and is hop I have to be a voice, clearly.

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And I had already made up my mind that I was not going to be crazy, and that I was going to enjoy the experience. You know, we have our fair share of that. They were trying to make it seem like I was. Divas Syleena and Angie take advantage of LA and have meetings on furthering their career.