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In the process, she gets four other students into trouble. While initially excited to attend the school, Wayside: Jewls wants Louis to join the class to watch a movie. However, Todd does oftentimes alhilal vs lekhwiya online dating himself bothered by Dana's excitable attitude, such as her celebration of "special days" in " Pull My Pigtail " and when she tries to make him her new best friend in " Best Wayside school todd and maurecia datehookup.

Jewls makes ice cream for everyone, and each flavor — named for each student — tastes like whatever the student tastes when they are not eating anything!

Sideways Stories From Wayside School

In contrast to the books, Todd is somewhat pessimistic, as being sent home on the kindergarten bus reminds him of an instance in the past when he failed to rescue a kindergartener's stuffed animal. Here, he's goofier, more lighthearted, and much, much nicer.

The two take many elements from Joy and Jason, two characters who were in the books but were not in the show, to a point where it may have been more accurate if they just went with those names. At the end of the chapter, Todd steals Joy's notebook and hands it to a pair of robbersso they can have the gift of knowledge and avoid hurting anybody.

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Jewls becomes the new teacher after Mrs. While working in his workbook he is harassed by Joy. Neither of them appear to think so. Jewls believes her treatment of Todd will help him learn, and supposedly does it for her own good above punishment, but may hyperfixate on him, because in " Mrs.

Often, Todd's lack of understanding of Wayside School 's policies causes him difficulty in Mrs. While a lot of the original setting and premise from the books is retained in the series ie the 30 story school building, the studentsand the cowsit also differs quite a bit from the original story.

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However, Todd does enlist Myron's help in " Meet the Pets " and " Free Stewy ," though in the case of the former, he only trusts Myron with fruit and vegetable-based pets, meaning he may not think much of Myron's intelligence. Only the three Erics are unsure of what their original names were.

Deedee Deedee just can't seem to get a high-bouncing green ball or even a red ball, which doesn't bounce as high, although high bounces aren't always desirable at recess because she's on the highest floor and gets downstairs after students from other classes. Sammy the dead rat, normally Ms.

Read and find out! Jewls already teaching at Wayside. Jewls's class seem to like Todd, as seen in " Explanation ," when everyone happily greets Todd after he returns to the school.

Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar

Though Kidswatter complaining about his job that he has to deal with kids every day, not knowing how the intercom works, and calling doors "goozacks" was kept in. The Three Erics There are three students in Mrs.

Jewls because she's a nice teacher, and in " The Best Part ," Todd claims that's the reason why she let him go and gave him a Tootsie Roll Pop. Kidswatter was really intimidating towards the students, but in the show, he's a harmless goofball.

Leslie Leslie can't figure out what to do with her toes since she thinks they're useless. Kidswatter is forced to retire due to fatal conditions. Dana's "Enough with the fun!!

Rated T for now, rated M closer to the end. Ratted T for sexuality and strong language.

By Louis Sachar

Principal Kidswatter always refers to Todd by the name of his address, which is South Fairview. Jewls as a teacher all-around to some degree, as he primarily gives her good grades on her report card in " Teacher's Parent Conference ," but claims that her classroom skills need improvement, triggering a teacher's parent conference, though Todd's main motivation appears to be that he wants to stay at school until three.

But how much impact is he truly capable of? She eventually turns all the students into apples, but the students, led by Todd, force her to change them back into students.

Gorf appears for the Halloween party for her revenge. While the Wayside School was simply an insanely tall skyscraperin the series it looks like it was engineered by M.

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While on good terms, Todd often has difficulties understanding their erratic behaviors, and gets lost because of it. Gorf, and she turns herself into an apple. Stephen Stephen is the only one dressed up for the Halloween party, which does not happen on Halloween, since Halloween falls on a Sunday that year.