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In Meowth's Scrafty Tactics! Iris says to leave it to her, and that she is going to find some medicinal plants that cure paralysis. Cilan reminds Axew what happened yesterday. Scraggy uses Leer on Pikachu, but does not seem affected. Pierce tells them about the MTHS meeting point and says that they cannot be late, as a graph and his face are shown on the computer screen.

Scraggy meets Tepig and Headbutt him, though Scraggy is confused by so much Headbutting.

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Galvantula approaches Scraggy, though Pikachu electrocutes Galvantula. Cryogonal was brought out subsequently to fight Scraggy. Scraggy hatched from his Egg shortly after and he wasted no time showing off his headstrong nature.

Axew looks over and sees that Scraggy isn't eating with them. As they are eating, Axew tries axali mtvare qartulad online dating eat next to Scraggy, but Scraggy turns away.

Scraggy glances back at Axew who is in Iris' hair, as Iris becomes nervous and Axew hides in her hair. Later, Watch scraggy hatched to be wild online dating wandered off and started headbutting a tree which was the home of a group of Galvantula.

Zager, as he was expecting such reactions. He says that he needs to analyze it further, as Pierce tells Team Rocket to her to the next location of their operation, as they say yes. Scraggy continues to show pain from the paralysis. Ash and Iris separate them, but Cilan thinks they are good partners for a battle.

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Axew Scratches Scraggy and continues to do so. Oshawott walks up to Scraggy next, as Scraggy glares at him and then Headbutts him. Ash tells Scraggy to take a long rest, as Scraggy falls asleep.

The egg flies in mid air, so Pikachu uses Quick Attack, getting the egg before it bashes onto a rock. Scraggy is surprised, as the Galvantula look at the others with an angry glare. Ash and Pikachu greet Scraggy, who Leers at the latter.

Another one uses Electro Ball, though Tepig's Ember counters the move.

BW017: Scraggy—Hatched to be Wild!

Simisage was about to finish the match with Giga Impact when Scraggy formed a Focus Blast between his hands, learning a new move, and used it to shield himself from Simisage's attack.

Meanwhile in a building, Pierce asks Team Rocket if they have the meteorite. Scraggy was able to easily dodge the various Iron HeadShadow Claw and Guillotine attacks that came his way but like his teammates, he was unable to land a hit on the Durant because of their excessive use of Protect.

Ash holds the container with the egg, as Cilan says that by glowing it means that it will hatch soon. Pikachu zaps Scraggy with a weakened Thunderbolt, as it affects him. Ash says to Scraggy that they should all eat breakfast together now.

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Ash wonders why Scraggy used Headbutt, so thinks it wants a battle and asks Pikachu to fight it as a welcome gift. He says that there isn't any doubt that it's real, since the substance doesn't exist on this planet.

Ash and Iris see Cilan is right, so they have a battle. Ash checks to see if Scraggy is okay, and then thanks everyone for their help. The egg glows again and hatches into a Scraggy. Ash says that it is finally resembling a battle. Galvantula uses Electro Ball, though Pikachu's Thunderbolt causes it to retreat.

Scraggy was then defeated by Seismic Tosseliminating him and Ash from the tournament. Axew sees this and goes to warn the heroes.

Scraggy-Hatched To Be Wild!

Ash and Iris are still pleased about the battle and promise to Scraggy and Axew they will train hard. Scraggy helped him train in order to prove to his love interest that he was a capable battler. Another laser goes over the meteorite, as it glows a purple color.

Ash tells it should thank Iris for curing it, but Scraggy runs off, with Axew following it. At their rendezvous point, Team Rocket heads inside to meet up with Pierce.

Iris says that it does feel strong, as Cilan says that it doesn't have much effect. He will Leer at his potential opponents to show his toughness before trying to Headbutt them. He set off with Pikachu to find them before being captured by Team Rocket and subsequently rescued by Iris.

Iris tells Axew that he has a troublesome baby brother. Ash tells Scraggy to take a long rest, while Scraggy is confused. Gothita ended up disturbing a wild Garbodor. Since he was newly hatched, he was easily subdued by their weak attacks.

Galvantula uses Electroweb, which gets countered by Pidove's Air Cutter. Ash asks Scraggy if it did enough, but Scraggy knocks him out. He wakes Iris up and reports what happened.

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Galvantula prepares to use Electro Ball, but Pikachu hits it with Thunderbolt. Whilst the gang were taking a nap, a group of Durant took Axew away, believing he was food, as he was still wearing his leaf outfit.

While everyone sleeps, Axew watches Scraggy, who turns around. Unfortunately; when it came to launching his Focus Blast, Scraggy was unable to keep it on target, though he made up for it by using Leer on Simisage and with its effects, hit it with a Headbutt attack, winning the match.

Numerous training battles had led the two to become best friends. Scraggy later returned to Oak's lab in The Dream Continues!