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The problems of your past are your business. Che jella sia What bad luck is, from September onwards The player can decide whether to play the game with 5 to 14 boxes remaining. Chiama i vicini Call the neighbors: Sono affari tuoi, non miei. You watched me, that's your business.

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Se non ti viene un suggerimento sensato fatti gentilmente gli affari tuoi. Shut up if you do not usable proposals can provide Svela la X Reveal the X: Mangia come parli Eat what you say: The player leaves the game instantly and is replaced by one of the box holders.

From September onwards: If there are any offers within those 3 box picks, the box holder has to decide whether the player should take it. A screenshot from a past episode of the show with several remaining amounts is shown, and the player is asked to guess which was won. Whatever you do on your computer is-is-is your business.

In accordance with the Privacy Act and the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council, by clicking on the "Enable cookies" button you agree to: What you do with him is your business.

If you want to spend it on rides with your girlfriend, that's your business.

Il"prima" di AFFARI TUOI

It's your businessnot mine. The biggest unrevealed amount is halved except for Pacco X and Pacco Y. You've got to mind your own business here. The following were once appeared but were later replaced: The new player is chosen by revealing the name of a region hidden in La busta nera the black envelope.

Who you share a toilet stall with is totally your business. Chi frequenti nel chiuso della toilette sono affari tuoi.

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The player is asked to predict the content of the next box. The player chooses one of the audience members and the chosen one chooses the next box to open. Gioco del superpacco Game of the superbox, September — June Before opening one of the first three boxes, the player is asked to guess the content of the box.

The player has to open either all even- or odd-numbered boxes in play. Apri un blu Open a blue: The player is asked to open one more box before the offer. Pericolo Pubblico Audience risk: The player will temporarily leave the place, and was replaced in the choice of the next 3 boxes with the box holder who opened Brivido.

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Special September — June It is only effective if there are at least four unopened boxes after Pacco Matto is opened. This could be useful when the player is in a bad situation such as there are only small amounts remaining.

Quello che fai al computer sono affari tuoi. What you do with your personal time is your business. Qui dentro devi pensare solo agli affari tuoi.

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What you do with the singer, that's your business. The player tests with a recipe or with the dishes offered in dialect. Once the box is opened, the player chooses one of 10 gift boxes and wins the gift in the chosen box. Niece or concubine, that's your business.

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Learn more about the terms of use for cookies and the extent of their processing. Cookies Websites use cookies that have been placed on this site by its operator: Se vuoi spenderli per andare sulle giostre con la tua ragazza, affari tuoi.

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I problemi del tuo passato sono affari tuoi. Come non detto As never said: What you do on your own personal time is your business. Ci penso io I'll take care of it: That's not really your business at this point.

Vai o resti Go or stay: Non scegli tu You don't choose: The player chooses one from 19 other box holders, and the chosen one chooses the next box to open.

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Non stavo tentando di intromettermi negli affari tuoi. You want to grow a tail, that's your business. If you want to drink during the middle of the day, that's your business.

Se vuoi farti crescere una coda Cambio obbligato Forced swap: Special see below is no longer effective when the player reveals 3 "blues" in a row.

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Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. Vedo e prevedo I see and predict: The value of Pacco X is revealed. That increase does not include prizes or prize with the "Game of the 3 boxes" Vinci 1. Suggest an example Results: It's not even your business anymore.

Se vuoi bere durante il giorno, sono affari tuoi.

I wasn't trying to horn in on your business. The player chooses one from other unopened boxes, and it is kept unopened until the doctor i.

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