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Vocaloid dating sim deviantart emoticons, featured nonsense

In case the link I posted takes you to the home page rather than the downloads page. Use the instructions given above to download them.

Dating sim vocaloid

You can just put the. For those of you who can't read Japanese, these are the instructions on how to download the Sims. You will see a link written in English called "Download" with a number in parenthesis next to it near the bottom of the box.

It will NOT work if it is typed any other way! To download them, use the instructions above that I put for the other Vocaloids.

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I'm just spreading the word. On Simalcast's homepage, scroll down and you will see on the right-hand side, four sets of red links. This link will take you to the Downloads page, where you can download Vocaloid Sims or anime-related Sims.

Save the zip file, then extract the files contained to the Downloads folder Path will vary: Scroll down a little again until you are under the one you want to download first.

They should automatically appear in the game. It's directly under the paragraph in Japanese that has, in bold, [nameofvocaloid]. Press Enter, then click the button on the upcoming page that is in place of the text box on the previous page.


I did not make these Sims, they are property of Simalcast. In order to get to the download links, read the instructions further down in this post below the image. You will find them on the following page. These are Sims 2 only. Back on the page with the picture of the family with the above Vocaloids, scroll down the page, where you will find some Utaus, that you can download if you wish with the instructions above.

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Helpful comments for those having trouble: If the above link takes you to the homepage rather than the download page, skip these steps, and read the instructions below them. The links on the website will take you to Get Uploader, where you don't have to sign up, but are required to type in a password for each file you download.

This is the link to the website that contains the files for download. The passwords for the files are written below the links to the files on Simalcast's website. I've just used similar hairstyles that already came with the game or custom hairstyles I've previously downloaded.