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So be sure to check them out! Also exclusive in the Japanese version is a voice sample of Akira Yuki at the end of story mode before the credits roll, as well as his and other characters' voice samples as victory quotes in VS.

Fans can finally ease their long wait, as the franchise returns with a few new characters, like F.

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For example, in the map of Distant Planet, the rain will make the left slope slippery and Bulborb can eat the fighters. Tekken 7 has also added some changes to the battle system, as a majority of moves that uses Bound were taken out.

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My name is Winfrey and I come from Indonesia. It is identical to the Sega Game Gear version, except it lacks the viewing modes of it, and uses the English script from the international releases.

The overall gameplay has also been improved, as it now gives a much faster-paced fight with better response time.

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Arc System Works Release Date: What is going to be the next awesome fighting game? If you are familiar with this tagline, then you would probably know the popular fighting game franchise, Dead or Alive.

In addition to that, the game now runs at p and 60fps, which is essential for ensuring the best and realistic graphics for the gamers to enjoy.

This includes the V-Trigger that allows characters to utilize and inflict damage, V-Skill for utility skills, and V-Reversal for unique counterattacks.

With its unique battle system featuring the Climax Meter, which can be used to execute signature moves that recreate highlighted scenes from the original novels of each character.

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Unique features include the integration of Status Ailments from the original Persona series, and All-Out-Rush which allows players to knock their opponents to the air with button mashing and a Fatal Counter hit.

October 6, If you like the idea of having all of your favorite characters from Dengeki Bunko works and SEGA characters put together in a 2D style fighting game, then you would definitely enjoy this cool fighting game.

Still in search of my passion though, but so far, music and writing seems to interest me the most. February 16, Aside from the obvious new and improved next-gen graphics, the Street Fighter franchise returns to bring another series of the game, the Street Fighter V.

Ever since the first series appeared in arcades venues inthe Mortal Kombat game series has become more and more brutal and gory with each release. There is a PS4 version out in Japan but it has not yet been released overseas, unless you have a Japanese account!?

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More violence, faster-paced battles, combos, and detail graphics, these are benchmarks that developers constantly have to achieve in order for their fighting games to be awesome.

September 30, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is actually a spin-off fighting game from the Persona 3 and 4 RPG game that was released in This game also supports multi players, up to 8, at once rather than the usual 4 players.

Chrono Phantasma is the third main installment of the Blazblue series and is the continuation story of BlazBlue: And to add, Guile has just been added to the roster and fans are already loving him.

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This reason becomes a major impact for how it has shaped fighting games today. December 16, The Guilty Gear series franchise has returned with yet another advanced-looking fighting style game, Guilty Gear Xrd.

However, it was canceled for unknown reasons.

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But, new moves added are Screw and Power Crush, which were made available to replace Bound moves. Even though the graphics appeared to be in 2D, Daisuke Ishiwatari, the creator of the Guilty Gear series, confirmed that all the characters and background effects are rendered in 3D.

Mortal Kombat X Developer: Ecole, French-Bread Release Date: The developers expanded the well-known RPG game into a fighting game for players to enjoy the full experience from the Persona series. Street Fighter V Developer: Buy now Final Thoughts Game developers throughout the years have successfully been able to quench the thirst for action and fighting games from the players.

Dead or Alive 5 Developer: This Street Fighter V also features new strategies and battle mechanics that will enhance gameplay for the players.

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It also contains an extended introduction sequence based on the opening of the anime series. Screenshot of the Sega Master System version. Guilty Gear Xrd Developer: A Sega Genesis version of Virtua Fighter Animation was also in development, [2] [3] and scheduled for release in in North America.

Just starting out Desperately trying to learn new things and striving to become a better person each passing day. Despite having typical elements of anime-styled fighting games, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax added some juicy, unique features to the battle system.

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Graphics have also been improved to provide more detail, and realistic experiences for the player. Players are not disappointed with this unique 2D fighting game.

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To make it more marketable outside Japan, some parts of the English script were changed from the Japanese version's by making it a little comedic instead of seriously faithful to the original Japanese version of the anime's script.

June 30, If you like the idea of having guns, big swords, and other cool weapons in a fight, then you would definitely find this fighting game appealing.

NetherRealm Studios Release Date: Team Ninja Release Date: G, Laura Matsuda, Necalli, and Rashid.