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Victorias secret sweet and flirty shimmer body powder, narrow search results

Its fresh fruity and light, much better than last years version and longer lasting than last yeras EDP which I returned Jul aqua This is very fruity, juicy and fresh. Jun secretcrush I bought this one in a body spray and I have 2 say it smells very very good I wear it a lot during the spring and summer.

Despite layering the scent and applying it over vaselined and lotioned skin, it is gone very very quickly.

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I have the mist, staying power is fair but lasts longer on clothes. I wish this was a permanent part of the Very Sexy line!!!! May Mai Thy Its heaven! The combination of the very fruity Live Luxe which has pear as one of it's top notes and the florals of Very Sexy Now made this scent a complex one that smelled expensive and that my honey seemed to like.

Very very good perfume. But I love the smell so I don't mind respraying.

Victoria's Secret Pink Sweet & Flirty Body Mist 250ml

But I was wrong!!! Nice for summer fragrance and I picture a lot of younger girls liking it. I have gotten several compliments on it: I like wearing this when at home because it perks me up and makes me think of summer during this dreary winter weather.

Nov joyceisblasian This is one of my very scents ever! Mar ashsnyde04 I was worried when I bought this perfume that it would not last or smell nice on my skin I would have thought it was lychi. I highly recommend this version of Very Sexy Now, tropical, fruity and indeed, very sexy: I don't think however, I smell pears at all.

Victoria Secret Pink Sweet Flirty

I like it but its not that interesting and wouldn't purchase again because of the terrible lasting power. Unique, sexy and lovely at the same time. U have to try this!

I try to use it sparingly because they dont make it anymore! Same here-lasting power is awful, I have body spray of this and it turns to skin scent in 10 minutes.

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This one smells just like what it says: It did remainded me of Escada fragrances which I like in general but which usually have the lasting power of a body spray. Best described as watery floral with a top fruit note.

One bad thing about Very Sexy Now is that the scent disipates almost as soon as you spray it. To me, its somewhat strawberry and apricot cocktail, harmony mix with slightly floral which make it never overwhelming but stil sweet and delicious.