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Really this is what we get, welcome to Florida, we just moved here the end of October. Don't waste your time. We haven't eaten or slept since Tuesday, please help because we may not make it through this we need to get this story out there for these animals, we don't own them, they own us and for someone who has no authority or right to take them away from the only thing they have ever known for the past 12 years is wrong.

Our Basset Hound of 11 years, had him since 6 weeks old has been taken to Suncoast Basset rescue and they wont even let me adopt him back. June 17, There will be youtube videos up sometime today, I am doing videos of these guys of course of what pictures I do have because the landlord kept everything when he locked us out of the farmhouse.

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GMT Doesn't appear to work at all, just pulls up the station's website. I could see channel 7 in Ft. This is a story You Need To Hear. To make things worse Rescue group this week said they are keeping our animals we have no rights to them, we have just lost everything we owned now this is the only hope we had left, was our babies.

Let me make this clear so you don't think we are fruit cakes these animals were never signed over by animal control for abuse or anything, we were just getting help til we found housing as this left us homeless, then I find out yesterday our basset of 6 years was adopted out, how can this be.

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GMT Guest Tv 20 that guy that u showed on news that rob the liquor store looks white he has white hands and he even run like a white man dont look like gloves to me July 26,9: May 8,8: No one seems to know where people are meeting.

GMT John Doesn't work. Thankyou March 23, An error happened posting the comment, sorry! We had a rescue group help us get our livestock and dogs out so they would be safe as he was threatening to take to slaughter.

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The review must be at least characters long. My husband came home from work and was locked out then he took everything we owned trailers, horse trailer, atv, clothes, medications, photos, wouldn't let us have anything Putnam Sheriff did nothing won't take police report say its a civil matter even though now we are currently suing for 60k Replevin case.

We have many pigs and other animals, not for food, family. Post An error happened posting the review, sorry! Guess I can say GMT Guest Please call me day or night atLong story really but husband and I moved here from NY and were scammed by a landlord who is going to be foreclosed on, he evicted us without us being notified, didn't even know we were being sued.