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This is a quotation from the newest cinema. But the pretty dilapidated Tbilisi of the present day is not a very good setting for the wide screen and the director Tutberidze found a witty and probably the only possible way out, using glamorous foreign visual quotations as pieces of the puzzle.

But even more interesting than the use of the new scale, unfamiliar not only to himself, but to the country, was one daring, indecent and, by consequence, immediately alluring association.


Perhaps that is the origin of the line of dialogue in the movie, which expresses a very sane idea: Then characters who do not know each other, enter one and the same house, ring the doorbell, receive no answer and leave, walking further down the street.

Having clarified the point about the football pools it would be noble to let the viewer get the pleasure of puzzling out the rest.

Having sex with a prostitute in the sauna the gangster Mamuka almost at the moment of orgasm looks at his groin and remembers that the automatic gun which was used to shoot his friend to death today, had a red handle, bent like a banana there is an immediate cross-cut to the automatic gun, which is currently store in the fridge.

As for the money for the bet, it was borrowed from an old drug dealer, whose fridge will be the convergence point for all the paths in this tangled story with a strong criminal taste a la Guy Ritchie.

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The camera pans on the first person from the roof, then up again, letting the first depart and the second approach during the same shot, and then pans down again. Otherwise his exclamations about sir Alex Fergusson and Jose Alvalade, who owns a stadium in Lisbon, will be gibberish to the viewer.

He welcomes the women going to the funeral with the words: When in some country filmmakers start using the wide screen, it means the cinema of this country has gained sufficient momentum. Let me introduce myself.

Levan Tutberidze You must be a football fan to understand how the protagonist, a year-old writer Zaza, managed to make a large scoop. Even more so because Zaza uses it in everyday life.