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Can you name the United States Military Aircraft shown in each picture?

T Talon 32 Variants: The B-2 Spirit is a stealth bomber capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear munitions. It has the largest payload capacity of any aircraft in the fleet, is multi-mission capable, and can carry and deliver huge quantities of both precision and nonprecision weaponry.

The U-2 is a high-altitude surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft that can operate in all conditions. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily erica dixon dating 2018 primary operator.

The F is a multi-role aircraft that can carry out both air-to-air and air-to-ground combat. The Rivet Joint provides real-time on-scene intelligence collection, and the Combat Sent relays electronic-reconnaissance information us aircraft pictures military dating the president, secretary of defense, and Department of Defense leaders.

American Military Aircraft

A tilt-rotor aircraft, the Osprey is intended to provide infiltration and exfiltration abilities for special-operations forces, as well as conducting resupply missions. Photographs Yes, I know, I don't have any photographs posted here.

A light-lift utility helicopter, the Huey is used in a variety of support missions.

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If you do find something here that treads on your copyright or which has not been properly credited, let me know and I will immediately remove such material or make sure that proper permissions are been obtained.

It is compact and highly maneuverable. On this list, we're going to take a look at some of the sexiest planes from the Air Force, Army, Marines and armed forces worldwide.

Second, there are lots of other sites which have photos posted, and you can get the URLs of several such sites by taking a look at my Aviation Site link page.

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The plane flies unarmed flights over nations that have signed to the treaty to ensure that signatories are honoring their pledges.

The A is built to be highly survivable and can takeoff and land in locations near to the front lines. The craft can carry a combat-ready military unit anywhere in the world, as well as deliver the necessary supplies to support the unit.

The C is used to airlift cargo and passengers.

List of active United States military aircraft - Wikipedia

Aircraft While retaining some aging aircraft from the Cold War period, modern American air power remains second-to-none. The HHG is used to personnel-recovery operations from hostile territory.

There are three reasons for this. Conceptual, in-development, and future platforms are included in this listing.

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The planes are used to transport high-ranking officials from the government and Department of Defense. C Hercules 6 Mission: Third, and perhaps most important, there are copyright issues to deal with in posting photographs.

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Also, let me know if there are additional aircraft that should be covered. Within these designs are even sub-variants charged with special mission roles. The MC aircraft is intended to provide support, resupply, refueling, infiltration, and exfiltration for special-operations forces.

The only combat ready fifth-generation fighter, the F combines stealth, maneuverability, the ability to supercruise, and advanced avionics to be able to seize aerial dominance and carry out strikes against ground targets.

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The UA is used to provide on-call airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance for special-operations forces. And history offers plenty of both, from World War I Army aircraft to modern day, multi-role stealth assassins. And just for fun, we're also going to give their human equivalents, just so nobody feels weird being turned on by a plane.

Aircraft in the Military Factory. This is one reason why no photographs appear here. The helicopter's functions include emergency security airlift, surveillance of off-base nuclear weapons, disaster response, search and rescue missions, and visitor airlift.

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The aircraft are able to land and operate in a range of airfields. Ladies might care more about pure romance, daring deed, cut lines, and lantern-jawed toughness. The plane is capable of strategic delivery of cargo and people, can complete airdrop missions, and can move patients during aeromedical evacuations.

The B is a long-range heavy bomber that is able to participate in and complete a wide range of mission sets.

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There are a total of Modern and Future U. The aircraft can be used for disaster response and evacuations. It is flown through storms, hurricanes, and winter storms to collect and measure information about the weather pattern.

Modern and Future U.