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Team leadership of visiting committees in Evaluation and Accreditation of Universities. This gave some practical examples unicusano laurea validating how to work on a multi-platform project with focus on the customer experience in both the physical and digital parts of the same service.

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Saarikivi continued that disregard of emotions can lead to detrimental effects on work, collaboration, and information quality. Understand, Act, and Experience During her presentation Saarikivi also discussed what can be seen as the three sides to empathy: All three parts are needed for unicusano laurea validating any one of them missing would not result in the real thing.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation - 1: Fromthe major investigation field is on mechanical aspects of the aircraft turbine engine: The breakfast event was definitely worth attending, and hopefully there will be equally interesting ones organised in the near future!

This is something to consider especially in digital work environments, as the digital tools we still have largely transmit emotions rather poorly. He discussed the evolving role and ways of design, recently seemingly moving away from designing with and for the user towards focusing on the business needs.

Hence one could claim that having artificial positions of power — such as hierarchy in a work place — is not the way to increase empathy in an organisation.

She walked us through each of the three aspects of empathy, and also continued on the interesting themes while responding to some participant questions. She pointed out that empathy is not an inherently a positive personality trait but a cognitive skill or mechanism.

He developed his academic career at Politecnico di Torino, up to retirement on Oct. As always, her presentation was delightful: The whole presentation and discussion it encouraged was an interesting dive into empathy — a skill often mentioned as one of the most important tools of a Service Designer.

He also gave some chilling examples on the rise of fake news and purposely addictive design, stating this has made him deeply consider whether he is part of the problem and making it worse for others.

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Teaching and technology transfer - 1: This kind of worshipping of past! This hit very close to home, as in many situations and settings even fairly clever people have loudly expressed wanting to e. When asked about any negative aspects of said mechanism, Saarikivi mentioned narcissists.

The importance of collective intelligence was highlighted: Would that tell you what they are like or what they will do in the future?

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Startingauthor or co-author of over research papers, normally presented at conferences or published on refereed journals. As an example of an organisation not at all encouraging empathy or collective intelligence Saarikivi humorously or, sadly?

Structural dynamics, vibration and damping - 5: Oksa also discussed the trend of worshipping data without criticism, despite all data being based on history: Member of evaluation teams for the swiss agency OAQ.

Author of 6 study reports for MiUR-CNVSU, 9 books or chapters on evaluation and quality assurance of university education, a number of papers and presentatins.

Based on studies, Saarikivi also argued that humans are naturally selfless, empathic, and look after one another. Professor of Machine Design; specialist in theoretical and experimental mechanics of materials, machine components, structure dynamics and vibrations.

Starting from such ancient setting was not only interesting in order to learn about empathy and its implications for humans throughout our history but, as it was noted, some researchers think 15 million years ago was when us humans were at our most happiest: Empathy skills, however, can be improved by practice.

Design and calibration of experimental test rigs in mechanical research However according to research, being in a position of power can reduce your empathy; and the higher your economic status, the lower your empathy skills.

Subsequently, research has been developed in X-Ray diffractometry and ultrasound techniques. Hence, according to Saarikivi, the need for work done by humans continues to be constant, despite any and all changes that might be coming due to advances in technology such as AI and machine learning.

They introduced a project done for Finnair with a mix of physical and digital services.