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Well, we didn't like it as much as the Plexiglas sculpture.

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Chronic malnutrition remains a public health issue, with 32 percent of children under 5 suffering from stunting. As a result of multiple shocks and stresses, including pressure from insecurity and displacement, the overall food security situation sharply deteriorated in andwith the proportion of food insecure people in the four most vulnerable regions spiking from 19 to 24 percent.

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Suggest an example Results: Plexiglas in my eye. Those are the common elements of acrylic stains. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. It is mostly concentrated in rural areas and specifically in the northernmost and eastern regions, where structural underdevelopment and recurring climatic hazards have limited opportunities for communities to thrive and break out of the poverty trap.

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Well, we found a bag today at kathleen newberry's house, and it had traces of acrylic polymer and butyl carbitol. Just like I got used to my acrylic nails. Acetate solution loosens the top acrylic layer. The cotton clothing's long gone, but his baseball jersey was acrylic.

The Far North, North, Adamaoua and Eastern regions are frequently exposed to food crises and climate shocks, including floods and droughts.

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Also, watch when you sew him up because he's 50 percent acrylic. Hodges confirmed the paint transfer on the Ferrari is a black acrylic enamel.

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Do you have that number 9 acrylic? Claire was missing an acrylic fingernail.

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But that pink trace we found was composed of resin and acrylic. This includes stabilising community productivity and nutrition, reducing post-harvest losses, improving gender and social inclusion and promoting market opportunities for smallholder farmers.

The country ranks out of in the Hu man Development Index and 39 percent of its people live under the poverty line. Poverty has a strong regional dimension.

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The name Carbomer is used to describe high molecular weight cross-linked homopolymers of acrylic acid. Like when you were suspended above the Seine in a lucite pyramid. The arrival of refugees driven into Cameroon by conflicts in northeast Nigeria and in the Central African Republic, and the internal displacement of people caused by Boko Haram activities in the Far North region are putting additional strains on already vulnerable communities.

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I might lose it. Polycarbonate plastic, aluminum, acrylic and dye.

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High malnutrition rates are primarily a result of limited consumption of nutritious food, diarrhoeal disease which limits the absorption of nutrients, and limited access to clean water, sanitation and health services.

They drilled the hole here in the Plexiglas. It appears to be something preserved between two pieces of acrylic.