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I have to physically go into "settings" and change it back to "always" before I open the app, then go back to "settings" and switch it back to "never" after closing the app. Stuck on a channel! The router works fine if I reset to factory and do not hookup to the TWC modem. Last night the channel changer quit working.

Stayed in Tennessee and Oklahoma. The last thing I have twc com wifi hookup you is, while modern WIFI routers auto-assign its own channel frequency, it maybe something you want to look into. Finally pulled the power cords on everything to reboot.

But the Internet connection never happens.

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Then I forget to switch back to WiFi when I get home and end up using up my data. I exhausted all the channels and no luck. The choice of "always" or "never" forces me to select "never" so Armyanskie klipi online dating am not using unnecessary data every minute of everyday.

The latest update is a huge improvement. A checkmark appears next to the Wi-Fi hotspot.


I put in a "Nighthawk AC c smart wifi router. Rarely does it work and "cable wifi" is the only connection that works if all three connections are available. This has become a mystery for me! There's also a free wifi analyzer app by farproc for android, it's basic but you can use it to give you some sense of what's going with the wifi in your area, like how crowded the channels are.

Spoke to kind lady at spectrum and said give me 24 hours to fix this and call you.

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I digress, the modem is not really under your control if you can't change its WIFI password, or turn it off. I found three guys right away. Now they offer free modems to new customers, while I have to pay!

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Below are some working deals for you. He shut off my router portion off the UBBEE while leaving on the modem which delivers 17 lanes but still. Boy, were there options at HookUP.

Wifi is the additional features that is provided to customer having Standard or Business class internet plans.

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Having 2 WIFI router in close proximity using very near channels is no good and needs human intervention. Just go to Starbucks, a coffee shop, or a FedEx kinkos. Very annoying when using god and no way to turn off unless you remove the app!

If you are the app will crash or not work at all. Much faster connection lately!

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Most of the time my phone chooses a hotspot to hook up to, the connection is weak at best and times out before a page will load. I have yet to find a WiFi signal. Yes I have access to the TWC modem in my apartment. I usually end up turning WiFi off and using data instead.

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Any change I make to the TWC modem changes back to the defaults after a minute since the thing refreshes itself constantly.

Although it may be called a modem the TWC box it would seem is a full fledged gateway, combining the modem, router, switching and wifi functions in one box.

I knew there would be a lot of choices for me at a site like HookUP. Amazing new Internet Spectrum let's keep seeing new things the other dontbhabea!!!!!

It does connect to available Wi-Fi. Love new spectrum updates!

Creating my own wireless network off of landlord provided TWC internet.

I can only make changes to the settings of my router. Once you login you need to place required product in your cart and then at checkout page you will able to get associated discount. I monitored the client list on RT-N66W and I noticed that the wireless connection gets established from my phone or my desktop, but drops almost instantly and then tries to reconnect and the same thing happens over and over again.

Post a diagram of what's under your control. Assigning her iphone a static ip solved her problem. So definitely something is going on at home and most likely it is because of the channels.

Mar 9,6: What more could a man want? They said android was unsupported on the same call.

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And the RT is likely not set up correctly to serve as an access point. See Details Hookup Tonight! I'm not tech savvy but I've learned that more lanes of traffic you're internet has to take up the less congested if ever it were.

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We now get speeds of over on iPhones and hardwired almost !!! Once I restarted my modem, I was surprised to have quite a faster connection. We closely monitor their official FB and Twitter pages to give you most up-to-date information and vouchers here.

Is it possible that they used up all the channels or put a device that one cannot create their own? Repeatedly I keep installing the profile.