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He spent the first two years of World War II in the hometown Tuzla, where he was arrested for participation in the Partisan anti-fascist resistance movement in Inhe returned to Tuzla to teach in a school that is now named after him. But everything has a price and so does our love for what we are stuck with.

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We are torn off, but not accepted. Waves of history strike us as a sea cliff. There is no place we can go to any more. We wanted to preserve ourselves, and that is exactly how we lost the knowledge of our identity.

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Na nama se lome talasi istorije, kao na grebenu. He moved to Belgrade inwhere he lived until his death in He enrolled to study the Serbo-Croatian language and literature at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philology in and graduated in A man who is spiritually more developed than others is in a difficult situation, unless he is protected by his position and the fear that position instills.

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Such a man becomes a loner: After the war, he briefly resided in Belgrade, and in he moved to Sarajevo, where he was the professor of High School of Pedagogy and Faculty of Philology, art director of Bosna Film, chief of the drama section of the National Theater, and chief editor of the publishing house Svjetlost.

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He entered into life with a burden that most of us bear: Crude force has worn us out and we made a virtue out of a necessity: For centuries now we have been seeking our true selves, yet soon we will not know who we are, we will forget that we ever wanted anything; others do us the honour of calling us under their banner for we have none, they lure us when we are needed and discard us when we have outserved the purpose they gave us.

Both our brethren and the newcomers despise us, and we defend ourselves with our pride and our hatred. As a dead-end branch that streamed away from mother river has neither flow, nor confluence it can rejoin, we are too small to be a lake, too big to be sapped by the earth.

Stali smo na pola puta, zabezeknuti.

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Death and the Dervish has been translated into numerous languages today. The greatest misery is that we grew fond of this dead end we are mired in and do not want to abandon it.

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After the release, he moved to the liberated territory, became a member of Communist Party of Yugoslavia and the political commissar of Tuzla Detachment of the Partisans.

Mesa was born to a prominent Bosnian bey family on April 26, in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he graduated from elementary and high school. Is it a wonder then that we are poor? We remain the saddest little district of the world, the most miserable people of the world, losing our own persona and nor being able to take on anyone else's, torn away and not accepted, alien to all and everyone, including those with whom we are most closely related, but who will not recognise us as their kin.

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So what are we? The most complex people in the world. Sila nam je dosadila, i od nevolje smo stvorili vrlinu: We live on a divide between worlds, at the border between nations, always at a fault to someone and first to be struck. Only yesterday we were something that we now wish to forget, yet we have become nothing else.

No one is such a joke of history as we are.

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With an unclear feeling of shame about our ancestry and guilt about our renegade status, we do not want to look into the past, but there is no future to look into; we therefore try to stop the time, terrified with the prospect of whatever solution might come about.

His work is a mixture of relations between individuality and authority, life and death and other existential problems.