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The pillars will be placed so as to be intervisible; they will be numbered, and their position and their number will be noted on a cartographic document.

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The decisions of the Commissions will be taken by a majority, and search dating sites by username nod32 be binding on tratado de trianon yahoo dating parties concerned.

The frontiers described by the present Treaty are traced, for such parts as are defined, on the one-in-a-million map attached to the present Treaty.

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In case of differences between the text and the map, the text will prevail. The expenses of the Boundary Cornmissions will be borne in equal shares by the two States concerned.

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From point described above north-westwards to a point to be selected on the course of the Batar about 1 kilometre east of Magosliget, a line to be fixed on the ground; thence the course of the Batar downstream; then to a point to be selected on it below Badalo and near this village, the course of the Tisza downstream; thence north-north-westwards to a point to be selected on the ground northeast at Darocz, a line to be fixed on the ground leaving in the Ruthenian territory of Czecho-Slovakia Badalo, Csoma, Macsola, Asztely and Deda, and in Hungarian territory Bereg-Surany and Darocz; thence north-westwards to the confluence of the Fekete-Viz anal the Csaronda, a line to be fixed on the ground passing through pointleaving in Ruthenian territory Mezo Kaszony, Lonyay Tn.

The various States interested undertake to safeguard the trigonometrical points, signals, posts or frontier marks erected by the Commission. The various States interested undertake to give every assistance to the Boundary Commissions, whether directly or through local authorities, in everything that concerns transport, accommodation, labour, material signposts, boundary pillars necessary for the accomplishment of their mission.

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From the point common to the three frontiers of Austria, Hungary and Czecho-Slovakia, this point to be selected on the ground about I kilometre west of Antonienhof east of Kittseesouthwards to point situated about 8 kilometres south-west of St.

Jahrndorf and Wust-Sommerein, and east of Kittsee, D.

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They shall endeavour in both cases to follow as nearly as possible the descriptions given in the Treaties, taking into account as far as possible administrative boundaries and local economic interests. The frontiers of Hungary shall be fixed as follows: The various States interested undertake to furnish to the Commissions all documents necessary for their tasks, especially authentic copies of agreements fixing existing or old frontiers, all large scale maps in existence, geodetic data, surveys completed but unpublished, and information concerning the changes of frontier watercourses.

The protocols defining the boundary and the maps and documents attached thereto will be made out in triplicate, of which two copies will be forwarded to the Governments of the limitrophe States and the third to the Government of the French Republic, which will deliver authentic copies to the Powers who sign the present Treaty.

They also undertake to instruct the local authorities to communicate to the Commissions all documents, especially plans, cadastral and land books, and to furnish on demand all details regarding property, existing economic conditions, and other necessary information.

Boundary Commissions, whose composition is or will be fixed in the present Treaty or in any other Treaty between the Principal Allied and Associated Powers and the, or any, interested States, will have to trace these frontiers on the ground.

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Johann, a line to be fixed on the ground, leaving entirely in Hungarian territory the Karlburg-Csorna railway and passing west of Kr.