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Handmade in Germany, all the details are perfect.

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However, you can still feel assured that you will get fair sound quality even for cheaper Sony cans. Now, it seems that this brand is replicating that magic with headphones.

Aside from Beats by Dr. I believe that you are familiar to this headphone brand logo.

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Both are engineered for audio quality and designed for comfort, with 30 hours battery life and a fast charge. Some of their models such as the Prestige and Statement series are used by famous performers and DJs during their concerts around the world.

Their headphones serve up massive bass along with uncompromising performance to render clarity across all frequencies. It is one of the professional headphone brands preferred by audiophiles and DJs.

With their wooden designs as their main selling point, you are not only getting a fashionable pair but a superior sounding one too.

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Thanks to its lightweight quality, durability, and comfort, many customers who invested on a pair of headphones from this brand love to take it out during their routine walk or jog.

Its Twitter id is PanasonicIndia. See you next time! With numerous options across budgets and technical specifications, headphones come in a wide range of variety. Not very cheap pairs at all, you should be ready to spare a few hundred dollars if you plan on getting a pair of cans from Ultrasone.

But, for a customer it is always a difficult choice to make when buying a headphone.

These are the Best Headphone Brands of to Buy this New Year

Is there any one brand impressed you? Its most popular products include the HE, which is full sized open back headphones and the RE, which is an in ear monitor. From these bases, they distribute their products to wherever the consumer is.

It has conducted research into suspension technologies for cars and heavy-duty trucks and into the subject of cold fusion, too.

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The parent company Panasonic Corporation is headquartered in Japan and was established in However, there are still countless consumers and professionals who stayed with Creative and the company remained strong with a line of new products available to the market until today.

Bose who realized how important these are especially for those who travel. I hope you will find the one you like after reading my introduction of these 10 brands.

The battery provides more than 14 hours of listening. Whatever it is, headphones are the only medium that which provide us some private space and allow us to be lost in our world, without the knowledge of outside world. This is an American audio electronics company that primarily produces speakers and associated electronics.

The fact that it was early a watchmaking firm is evident in the meticulousness and precision that Grado uses in designing their headphones. This is a critically acclaimed international brand that has been recognized by media the calibre of TIME, Forbes, and Wired.

Crème de la crème of audio performance

Pioneer uses that exact same principle with its headphones which makes them among the top 10 headphone brands More recently, the company added iPod speakers to their wide range of products to cater to the needs of the general population and a large percentage of their market.

Since its founding inthey have been dedicating their resources to create innovative, high quality components to enhance the performance within the IT industry. Most of the headphones manufactured by Sony tend to be the earbud type instead of the close-ear ones. The brand has expanded to great limits and continues to make the best audio products in the market, headphones included.

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Zebronics Zebronics was established in and since then it has gone from strength to strength with 31 offices in India. House of Marley pairs can sell for hundreds of dollars despite other bigger brands because of the great sound quality it can offer.

For all these factors, Sennheiser features as numero uno in the best headphones brands ranking Hence, they launched a group of 5 experienced designers coupled with the technological innovation staff to create audio equipments that marry fashion, elegance, and colorfulness with flawless audio reproduction and strict safety protocols.

This Singaporean brand has stayed as a top choice due to the consistent durability and impressive audio quality of their headphones. According to thousands of reviews from consumers and critics, Sony headphones are quite consistent when it comes to durability.

Top 60 Best Headphone Brands – Complete Guide

Moreover, Sennheiser headphones have a top-notch sound quality to the point where most of the famous musicians use them. Their version of wireless headphones and gaming headsets are especially what set this brand apart from others. You could enjoy up to 18 hours of deep, rich sound on a single charge and a lightweight, cushioned design that lets you listen comfort.

Bose is best known for home audio systems and speakers, noise cancelling headphones, professional audio system and automobile sound systems.

Their main products include Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, and speakers.