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That was the one thing. Hit the jump to read the interview. In his remarks, Clinton stated, "This is really, on one level, a wonderful, sad, heartbreaking yet exhilarating and life-affirming story He was always trying to encourage me to believe in myself.

The idea of being an activist scared me to death. Of Bridegroom right and the role he played in his tom bridegroom and shane bitney crone dating, Crone says, I believe that in death, Tom helped me find new life—with Rayvon. In our society and our generation, Facebook is so important and everyone shared all these stories about him.

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It really made me feel like I did the right thing by posting it. My mom was there and all my friends. It was really hard to be okay with being who I am.

Shane Bitney Crone Shares How He Found Love Again with ‘American Idol’ Alum Rayvon Owen

It broke my heart. Despite the pain, sadness and vast emotional upheaval depicted here, Bridegroom is also a movie filled with hope and passion, dignity and pride, and many stirring pockets of joy. I hope that by being public about my relationship with Rayvon, others will feel inspired to let themselves be vulnerable and take chances.

We are all worthy of love and are not defined solely by the past. That was a huge accomplishment. It was just more about getting away to a place where I could be me.

I rarely, almost never, showed public displays of affection towards Tom because of my shame and paranoia about what others thought. Even just making the film and finishing it was a success for us.

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Can you talk about how the film has transformed you into an activist and how you feel about that? So, after she saw the YouTube video, I went in and met with her, and she convinced me that this was a story that needed to be told and she wanted to be the one to tell it.

That night, he and I talked for hours, remarking occasionally about how crazy and instantaneous our connection was.

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May 7,Los Angeles, Californiaa year earlier. He was my biggest supporter.

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The story of what happened — of how people without the legal protections of marriage can find themselves completely shut out and ostracized — is poignant, enraging and examines important issues of marriage equality and human rights. I just hope that they can see that their son is helping a lot of people.

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Linda drew on a lot of material including interviews, photographs, excerpts from your video log, home movies, text messages, and a call to create a surprisingly well-rounded view of your life together.

And I would have been able to say goodbye. Hopefully, at some point, they can turn around and make the most of this and help a lot of people. What was it like growing up as a young man in a small conservative town? I was proud of and inspired by him for using this significant moment of his career to do something that could empower young people.

Shane Bitney Crone

Even just things like them deleting his Facebook page. Crone had also been denied hospital visitations and other rights accorded married couples because he was not recognized as Bridegroom's partner or family. She asked me to give her everything — all the videos and photos — and I gave her everything.

So, to think I have all of this, I am so lucky.

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But to have George Takei and Neil Patrick Harris and all these different people from all over the world sharing it, and to have it affecting people in such a positive way, that was amazing.

He suspected he might never find love again. Bridegroom was endorsed by former President Bill Clintonwho introduced the documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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I think that Tom would be proud of me for standing up for myself, and I think that he would be proud of the film. How did the two of you collaborate on that?

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I think she was overwhelmed and surprised that I had so much footage. We all have a voice, and just by speaking up and standing up for what you believe in and just sharing even your story, you help a lot of people.

And with teenagers struggling with their identity, I hope that it helps them embrace who they are. This was a woman who is very passionate about equality and human rights.

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We sat at her table and we talked about how Tom and I wanted to get married someday.