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He is known for being a sly con-artist and always manages to trick Timon and Pumbaa or just Timon into helping him in his schemes and cons. Toucan Dan voiced by Jeff Bennett: He also emphasizes the importance of safe work conditions.

He is a man of many disguises and his role varies from episode to episode, from mildly bothersome antagonist to full villain.

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A pair of sophisticated cheetahs who hunt for their prey. An easygoing blue snail who can talk and sing. Timon and Pumbaa's human archenemy and the main antagonist of the series. Three crazy hyenas timon i pumba online dating are usually spending their time looking for food, though their attempts to get it tend to backfire.

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They often find themselves rushing to have to save Speedy from dangerous situations. Zazu voiced by Michael Gough: The Three Natives voiced by Jeff Bennett: A dimwitted, accident-prone penguin whose bad luck seems to be terribly contagious.

He loves to laugh and play around, as well as pulling practical jokes. A pompous hornbill who works for Simba.

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Although hard to tell apart, aside from their voices, Cheetata appears to be more eager and aggressive while Cheetato seems more likely to think things through and is the most conniving.

Gopher voiced by Jim Cummings: A large brown bear with a very short temperament who Timon and Pumbaa often run into. Sabella reprises his role from The Lion King. Their "chief" is also a university student, and usually precedes what he says with "Bungala bungala!

He can be quite menacing and dangerous, but at least one episode shows that deep inside he is a nice guy.

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A maniacal meerkat who is an old friend of Timon. Fred voiced by S. Best friend of Timon and Pumbaa, who is now King of the Pride Lands and is occasionally the voice of reason around Timon and Pumbaa's mess-ups. Simba voiced by Cam Clarke: Timon and Pumbaa originally planned to eat him, but ended up becoming friends with him instead.

They will try to avoid him at all costs. A stereotypical beaver whose life philosophy is the exact opposite of Hakuna Matata.

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Irwin voiced by Charlie Adler: A wise baboon who gives good advice and is occasionally the butt of jokes. He values hard work and is sometimes too harsh on his employees.

Pumbaa voiced by Ernie Sabella: He often uses Timon and Pumbaa as his victims, although they don't find his jokes very funny.

A trio of natives who are really university students. Smolder the Bear voiced by Jim Cummings: A moleand chief lieutenant of Zazu.

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Guillaume reprises his role from The Lion King. One of the show's two main protagonists. Timon and Pumbaa became his friends after they were stranded in Antarctica and Irwin had two extra tickets to a cruise ship.

Antagonists[ edit ] Quint voiced by Corey Burton: Boss Beaver voiced by Brad Garrett: Cummings reprises his role from The Lion King. Rafiki voiced by Robert Guillaume: A criminal toucan, wanted by the police.