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This piece will strictly concern itself with the latter MattShea. The Canadian is of North American ethnicity.

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Veggie Slicer Veggie Slicer Slice the flying veggies as fast as you can and show off your ninja skills in the fun and addictive game Veggie Slicer!

Thus far, what we have here are the things known about the cyber star.

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As far as we can tell, the Ashley-MattShea marriage has been faring fine. Cleverly done, it helps you to be cunning, and if you get too stuck, The Narrator drops hints Sliding Escape Sliding Escape Slide your way through all challenging levels of the game Sliding Escape and make sure not to collide with enemies!

There have been no rumors of divorce, they are still together and very much in love with each other.

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It wont take you too long to play through, as most entries for jams are short, but it's enough to entertain you for ten minutes or so, and it is very worth it.

While a trackpad works for most of the game, there is one part where a mouse is going to be best.

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You'll need that there is no game mattshea dating this game, er, this not-game. But this would not remain so; when the time is right for them, they will work towards that. If it was, it would be a great twist on gaming by breaking the forth wall like in the highly rated game Humbug. Upgrade your tank and try to defeat all enemy tanks!

You use the mouse for this game, but you'll need to find out what you can click on or drag around the screen.

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You don't need me to tell you what to do. Slide the cannon, fire up a lotta balls and break as many blocks as you can in the ultraddictive Ballz-ish shooter game Shoot Up! But I can see a rebel like you is going to want to prove the all-empowering voice wrong and fight against the machine, like you did in The Stanley Parablethen I guess you could read my next paragraph.

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I mean, he would have if it were a game. The voice acting of the narrator is fantastic and really makes Kamizoto's game the amazing piece that it is. According to MattShea, his wife Ashley is smart and, that is his favorite thing about her.

Mmm Fingers Online Mmm Fingers Online Click and hold the screen and protect your fingers from spiky monsters in this addictive online Mmm Fingers game!

Congrats on proving yourself full of curiosity, and that you don't always do what people tell you to do.

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It's sure to put a smile on your face. It would also have you chuckling at the humor and scratching your head as to how to actually find the game, as well as appreciating the innovation for this fresh, unique play.

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Grindcraft Remastered Grindcraft Remastered Grind your way through Minecraft-inspired items and worlds and harvest the ripe crops in the game Grindcraft Remastered!

It was also in Newfoundland that the lad who would grow to become a famous YouTube star was brought up alongside his siblings.

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As there is little information about him in the public space, we did some quite intensive digging to learn more than the basic facts of his bio. And Kamizoto didn't make this point-and-click puzzle game.

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Subway Surfers Online Subway Surfers Online Jump from train to train, make sure not to get caught and try to get as far as you can in this free online PC version of the hit-game Subway Surfers!

Albeit we are yet to confirm this, it is said that he studied Neuroscience at the institution. After he was birthed, he was named Matthew Edward Shea. Comments 28 ViewsThis is not a review for a game.

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Kingdom Rush Origins Online Kingdom Rush Origins Online Command your elven army and defend your lands from waves of sea serpents, evil sorcerers, and gnoll tribesman!

It is a common knowledge that he has two siblings named Whitney and Mark. Oh, uh are you still reading this? So enjoy yourself or not. He has been very open about his romantic relationships. Nonetheless, we can tell that while MattShea would love to have several kids, Ashley wants only a child.

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And he would have probably made it for the Deceptionjam too.