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In it, he writes of "increased destructive power" and accelerating the "tempo of destruction". The man in the habit is revealed to be an ordinary man, old and worn.

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Oh yes, the blokes in the wetsuits. She says she can't help them and breaks down in tears, but begins laughing when the trio leave. As her gaze travels to the sand, she notices strange footprints there. It was trying to twine all round me. Okay, let me get this straight: I can't think in here.

The Brains of Morphoton use hypnosis to control the entire city.

"Doctor Who" The Keys of Marinus S01E26 English subtitles (1964) 1CD srt

The travellers are forced by the elderly Arbitan to retrieve four of the five operating keys to a machine called the Conscience of Marinusof which he is the keeper.

They remove the key by turning a dial on one of the pipes, which releases heat from a volcanic spring. Frightened, the girls retreat from the cavern. Altos summons his strength and prepares for the attempt. Shortly, the eyes of a wall-hanging sculpture light up and a soothing heartbeat and breathing sound fills the room.

Barbara arrives and is horrified to see Susan trying to cross the crumbling icicles.

The Sea of Death

Aydan is not at home, but she plays the charming hostess and invites them in. She, too, is amazed at the aggressive growth of the plants.

She gets the key, but not before the statue's arms close around her legs, trapping her. Well, you're all right now. What a load of old bollocks. Right, slide it along that one gently.

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That means it either must have released her or she's escaped. It is everywhere and very worrying. The micro-key's in one of these jars.

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But Barbara is not asleep. I though we'd never get out of there. Has Arbitan sent someone at last?

Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus Reviews

Unless he can prove his innocence to them, Ian will be executed 3 days from the end of this hearing. She shouts out and Ian and the Doctor hurry to investigate.

All right, I'll wait no longer. Ian knows they must get out of the cold immediately, but Barbara is going numb. But Sabetha has regained enough of herself to see what is happening. The prosecutor, Eyesen, does not speak as yet. If we don't find shelter, we don't stand a chance. I'm a poor man.

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The weary girl does not even acknowledge her and slumps to the floor, exhausted. Ian refuses and shoves the trapper onward.

The relief guard, Aydanis implicated in the murder. For some reason, the guard killed his partner but was interrupted by Ian's arrival. Years earlier he saved it from Voord control by separating the five keys that regulate it.

Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus

Could the sand have turned to glass or has the glass - all around them in jagged chunks - been put here deliberately? Barbara plans to look for strong branches to use to force through the archway if necessary.

Ian, I think he's dying.

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Couldn't we make a dash for it? All are pleased at arriving at the seaside, but it is an unearthly sea - perfectly calm and flat. Tendrils are pushing through the walls IAN: All 3 cover their eyes and ears, moving further inside The assault ends and they find themselves in a paradise - a room very like one in ancient Greece, full of statuary and ornate wall coverings.

As they run from the statues, they meet their friends, who have crossed a rickety rope bridge. The concept also offered interest as well since this planet has been essentially fully controlled by this central machine — a morally dubious concept and one I thought would be given more time.

Sabetha has retreated inside herself, absently stroking a pendant around her neck.

The Keys of Marinus

Barbara grudgingly agrees, but admits she likes to rebel every once in a while. Well, if that's settled, there's no point in delaying.

The Doctor is concerned that they will be asked to travel by primitive submersible, but Arbitan presents them with quite a sophisticated alternative: She'll tell us in time. He asks her if she is afraid of him.

A Brief History Of Time (Travel): The Keys Of Marinus

Ian explains that he entered the vault through the door, which was open, saw the body, and then was knocked out. We haven't much time for a talk, Doctor. The jungle is coming.