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When Dana and Alice broke up and I went crazy, I was surprised by that. Yeah, we always want to stretch the stories out. As far as my personal preferences go, I don't think every girl needs to be as curvaceous as Kate Upton.

I forgot how funny they are!

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Hailey patiently jotted some notes in a journal and Moennig enjoyed a popsicle while I struggled with a recalcitrant voice recorder. You are one of the top 5 biggest earners, but you really don't need it at this point in your career.

Are you surprised by the directions in which your characters have been taken? Whereas many heterosexuals find that opposites attract, are homosexual women looking for companions who look like themselves?

Tegan & Sara's Heartthrob: The Interviews - Valentine's Day Special

I had met Kirshner earlier, on my ride to the set. Todas las veces que lo repito es lo mismo: After a quick jaunt to the suburbs to watch the shooting of the scene, I was hustled to a nearby backyard to interview Hailey and Moennig. But the last thing I want in terms of looks is a woman that looks like Tegan or Sara.

The timeline of The L Word goes pretty quick.

Tegan & Sara's Heartthrob: The Interviews - Kate Moennig

Both of your characters have changed so much over the course of the show. Or perhaps it is just the nature of being homosexual. And they never do. We can see how much you're getting And she was really open to that. Ilene rolled with it. But our show allows us to explore all of these different parts of ourselves, which is rare.

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But you have to look at it for what it is, and yeah, that is television. As for Kate M. When our character meets someone — LH: I realize that a lot of lesbians are born with this unisex look and it makes me wonder if they are jealous or have some repressed anger towards curvaceous women.

We really want to milk it. You play a cop or you play something really one-note.

Kate Moennig Interview

But once all systems were go, we sat near a leaf-strewn swimming pool as the real-life pals talked about the journey from Season 1 to Season 5, their favorite on-screen love affairs, the loss of Dana Erin Danielsand even dropped a few hints about what we can expect in the upcoming season. I was a little surprised that there was a full-on relationship with Carmen.

Most skinny year old boys have bigger breasts and rounder asses than Tegan and Sara. Oh, I knew it was happening.

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It was as if I were in a parallel universe in which Max and Tina had gotten over themselves and just talked about the weather. And then the whole little kid brother thing comes into play.

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In three episodes you either sleep with a person, break up or get married. In the third season, Ilene [Chaiken] had that whole breakup at the wedding and whatnot, and it just seemed like such a horrible, detrimental thing to do to someone and yourself — LH: Also joining us in the van were Daniela Sea and Holloman, whose friendly chitchat was a bit disconcerting to observe.

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As the old saying goes, more than a mouthful is a waste. My glamorous on-location interview was off to a great start. But that was before Hollywood and all these model agencies started bombarding the public with anorexic bone racks and girls who look like heroin junkies.

You get on other shows and I feel like you get trapped.

Kate Moennig

It's just personal preference regardless of sex. It's like a dream come true! The cast and crew many of them women, unlike on many film and television sets observed as Moennig, Hailey, Laurel Holloman and Mia Kirshner rehearsed a short exterior scene in the tony neighborhood of West Hollywood before shooting.

I thought it would take a little longer to establish, and I was shocked that it all of the sudden happened. You guys get way more Canadian FACTOR grants than the majority of Canadian artists and are taking that money away from other indie acts that have great potential.

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I thought it was really sweet what you did to Carmen [laughs]. Your longevity has paid off, stop abusing our grant system and let other new Canadian bands flourish. Now you guys are breaking up. Holloman was taller than I expected, lanky and casually elegant in her jeans and boots, and I remembered why I was an instant Tina fan the first season of the show.