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I get to do ridiculous things on that show, but he thinks he knows everything. True musicianship, he says.

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I want to be able to showcase that with my music. Your EP is coming out this year. This is my baby. He thinks he has gifts, and he can be kind of a douchebag sometimes.

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I found out later on in life. I definitely wanted to do a song like that. He has no filter whatsoever. For now, reconnect with Tahj, the musician, as he discusses his creative process, the art of flirting and how Usher pushed him to do music.

For me, it seems like everything on the radio is the same five songs.

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The difference between him and the FM rotation you hear today? Skilled and trained in dancing with veteran choreographer Debbie Allenhe has the trifecta of entertainment two-stepping in his blood.

Not all sad songs have to be slow.

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It might be self-titled. Why do music now? Do you have a title for the project yet?

Smart Moves: Meet Tahj Mowry, The Musician

What do you do to stay sane and focused? Do you enjoy performing more than acting?

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Is there any trait that your character, Tucker, has that you wish you had? It brings all that funk out.

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I grew up dancing with Debbie Allen. While most millennials will remember him from Smart Guy and Seventeen Again, the Baby Daddy stud is shifting gears from acting to music.

Tahj Mowry Live Performance On Good Day LA - Story | KTTV

Nothing of Tucker I wanna be. If you were in the future at a jazz nightclub, my music is what you would hear playing.

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Sonically, what can we expect? When we were working on that beat, me and my producer, Excel Beatscreated everything from scratch.

This summer, Tahj is unpacking his yet-to-be-titled album, a cocktail of sounds created while in the studio with his all-girl band.

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I have both aspects of my artistic loves. They give me different things.

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Then I mix it up with a little EDM at the end just to play off the whole dance phrase in the song. Did you reach out to him for any advice? Honestly, to get this other outlet of artistic [creativity] that I need to get out.

I light a candle. I want to make a blend of genres, and do something that no one has done before. Have your sisters given you any feedback?

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Prince was definitely an inspiration for my whole sound and a little Lenny Kravitz in the hook as well. Do you have Tinder? Yeah, they love it.

What are your necessities?