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In Gaga-World, that's high praise indeed. Nigel and Mary are more likely to get evicted at this point than Marko and Melanie. Then, Tadd and Lauren F.

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But Jess, who had trouble with lifts earlier in the season, seemed to have no trouble with them tonight. But the judges all ate it up like me devouring a peanut butter spoon while stress eating at 2 a.

Melanie Moore and Marko Germar Tango: Interrogation Although not a level like Gibbs, Kate was a capable interrogator.

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The night opened with a quickstep from Sasha and Pasha that the judges largely praised, but, as Marshall noted, the genre of dance doesn't really allow Sasha to shine. Gaga told him, "I love that you're up there, because that's you.

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Judge Mary Murphy tells him he's her favorite dancer, and Nigel Lythgoe tells everyone to call their moms. Her NCIS colleagues tend to remember her with fondness and her memory has also survived on in their hearts and minds. It looked as if the two had trouble keeping up with the choreography once the music sped up.

Possibly, after resigning from the Secret Service, Kate returned that uniform. Jordan Casanova and Tadd Gadduang Contemporary: But she offered insightful advice as a performer, and one of the numbers moved shroud of turin carbon dating wrong men to tears while another moved her to throw her shoes.

In comparison, Marshall was subdued - and probably overshadowed by the pop star at the other end of the judges' table.

Despite the government red tape and warnings to back off, Gibbs continued to carry on in his quest for revenge, even going as far to ignore pleas from his NCIS colleagues including Ducky to stop as Gibbs swore to kill Ari, even if it meant Gibbs himself died in the process.

Our prediction for who's heading home: Who will and should crack the Bottom 3? In Season 2, however, Kate's hair became dark brown or black and she later chose to stop donning the fringe, preferring to keep it straight with the hair itself hanging down as far as her shoulders.

As such, Gibbs became hellbent on avenging Kate's murder to the point of fixation and resolved to get revenge despite all the other federal agencies believing that Ari was not the sniper responsible for Kate's death.

In her debut appearance, she wore a suit composed of a black jacket, black trousers and heels with first a pearl necklace and later a choker of some sort which presumably served as a uniform that she had as part of her job as a Secret Service agent assigned to the Presidential Protection detail on Air Force One.

"So You Think You Can Dance": Lady Gaga judges, the Top 8 perform

In addition, Kate also wore a silver watch. But you know what?

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Ryan Ramirez and Ricky Jaime Broadway: Marko and Allison's contemporary number is the one that got a standing ovation from the judges - and moved Lady Gaga to tears.

However, in Septemberafter the events of Yankee White episodeKate resigned from the Secret Service for good due to the fact that she'd slept with a deceased co-worker. Actually, ticket distribution for that particular ride has been a little hinky all season, no? That later caused Tony to grow up in a sense and although Tony remained the same, he later developed a strong, almost fierce need to protect his NCIS colleagues from harm, presumably for the sake of Tony ensuring that they would not die the same way Kate had.

It played to all their strengths - Sasha's powerful abandon and Melanie's technical prowess - and was definitely the highlight of the night. And Clarice and her hot pink tailfeathers were pretty dazzling this week, too. Meanwhile, after weeks of slightly beige performances, it looks like Clarice is finally living up to the potential she displayed in her final Vegas solo.

Jordan Casanova and Tadd Gadduang Broadway: Abilities Originally an agent with the Secret Service, Kate was given the assignment of guarding the President of the United States from any and all potential threats.

Personality Physical Appearance Kate had shoulder-length brown or blackish hair and brown eyes.

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Her codename was "Rosefern" and as such, she was one of the many agents charged with protecting the President of the United States. Spencer Liff Watching the increasingly leaden Ryan try to get in touch with her inner Audrey Hepburn was kind of like watching a pelican attempt to imitate a swan: Lady Gaga called it "the performance of the evening" and loved it so much that she decided to take off her gazillion-inch heels and throw one to Sasha and one to Sonya.

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In her first appearance as an NCIS Special Agent, she wore a brown-colored jacket and skirt with a red shirt underneath the jacket as well as heels. Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin Oh I do love me some well executed ballroom, and this one was lightning quick, full of flicks and kicks, and totally sick.

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The judges praised him for listening to their critiques and improving - and he has been improving throughout the season. Then, Caitlynn and All-Star Ivan performed a hip-hop number that felt generic and safe.

Not that I have any problem with storylines, per se, but I do think sometimes we see choreographers digging a little overzealously to explain their art in a way that will ensure its mass appeal. The judges critiqued their lack of chemistry and it wasn't the right song for this kind of dance.

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Jess was paired up with All-Star Lauren for a hip-hop number from Nappytabs. And as if Sonya Tayeh's choreography wasn't moving enough, Marko's mom flew halfway around the world from Guam to be in the audience.

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In the second half of Season 2, Kate began wearing silver necklaces. Share your thoughts in the comments and come back here tomorrow to find out who was eliminated.

And finally, Melanie and Sasha, together in a jazz number choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. In the field or in the office, Kate often wore t-shirts, skirts, trousers and jeans.

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And that's good that you've won a lot of trophies. Tadd, a B-boy, continues to pick up choreography like a pro, and kept on going even when he lost his hat. After I sell a bunch of records, I take all the platinum ones off the walls, and I pretend like I haven't sold a damn one and I've got to go do it all again.

The lifts and jumps were great, but the pair had zero chemistry.