Best superzoom camera for vacations? - [Solved] - Digital Cameras Best superzoom camera for vacations? - [Solved] - Digital Cameras

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And remember that image stabilization helps, as can a tripod.


Wildlife photographers—and birders in particular—who shoot small subjects from long distances will want a camera with even more zoom. The downside of superzooms comes large bande flirting the smaller image sensors and lower resolutions, but these are sacrifices that many people feel are offset by the conveniences.

Other features include an excellent 3. It has a fairly high resolution LCD screen, although the P is now double it. These are clear signs that the target audience for superzooms is becoming more sophisticated, and that manufacturers are responding with cameras offering higher image quality, especially in low light, greater creative control over depth of field, and enhanced connectivity.

Together with a great EVF and LCD partnership, plenty of options over customisation and a broad range of compatible lenses, the G80 is a smash on a number of levels.

Its advanced sensor and image processor deliver a continuous full-res Raw burst rate up to 5 fps, UHD 4K video capture at 30 fps, and sensitivities up to ISO in extended mode to facilitate low-light work. The Panasonic FZ80 also provides built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, a built-in pop-up flash, and a hot shoe.

We always take note of megapixels, and particularly if other specs between two cameras superzoom kamera testsieger dating similar. Some will criticise the smaller Micro Four Thirds sensor format roughly half the area of APS-C but the effect on image quality is minor and it means that the lenses are as compact and lightweight as the camera itself.

The top camera on this list, the Panasonic FZhas a zoom equivalent to mm on a 35mm camera. Partner that with incredibly fast 20fps burst shooting, and a large and bright EVF that doesn't blackout when you're shooting, and you've got a camera that can mix it with the best that Canon and Nikon have to offer when it comes to shooting action.

A combined Dual Detect 5-axis optical and digital image stabilization system minimizes the effects of camera shake, superzoom kamera testsieger dating built-in Wi-Fi with NFC plus Bluetooth BLE assure seamless connectivity and intuitive image storing and sharing.

Best Superzoom Cameras | Bridge Cameras with large Zooms

Photographers will notice a difference between the images produced by these varying sensor sizes. There's also an excellent electronic viewfinder that makes it easy to see when the subject is sharp and correctly exposed.

Sporting a 5-axis image stabilization system, decent electronic viewfinder, an impressive 8. Megapixels matter too, but not as much as marketers would lead you to believe. Read our in-depth Fujifilm X-T20 review 7.

Your camera bag will be smaller and they are simply easier to operate and pack away. A superzoom is a type of point-and-shoot camera that, as the name implies, features an extra long zoom range. Fuji has the answer in the shape of the X-T20, which manages to distill many of the key features of the X-T2 including the excellent If you plan on shooting most of your photos during daylight hours, you likely can get away with a mid-range or entry-level model.

With a brilliant full-frame The good news is that with a superzoom, you have a complete camera set-up without the need to buy and carry separate lenses.

Seamless iris control is achieved with a nine-blade diaphragm and a new galvanometer-type actuator. It also provides a full range if Creative Mode options, and its ergonomic form factor is enhanced with a large grip for optimum shooting stability.

For those who really want a lightweight camera with big zoom, there is a relatively new breed of compact superzooms that more closely resemble regular point-and-shoot cameras. For the price, there's nothing that can touch it.

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Read our in-depth Fujifilm X-T2 review 4. It is only slightly more expensive, also has a 26x zoom and comes in a more compact package that includes custom white balance and a slightly more flexible movie mode.

The A's comes very close, especially in bright light; it's able to track moving subjects around the frame and as they move towards or away from the camera. This is a camera that would be equally at home perched on a mountain shooting brooding landscapes, in a studio capturing high-end portraits or shooting fast moving sport or wildlife.

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It's certainly the best 4K camera out there before you start considering dedicated professional video cameras. These cameras have the body of a normal compact but with a special lens designed to reach 30x zoom or more. Great tilting screen mechanism.

Again, any camera on this list is capable of taking great photographs, but a larger sensor will help your images look more professional. Also one of the cheapest.

Cost & Where to Buy

The best choice for you depends on your intended uses. A key distinction is that superzooms do not have interchangeable lenses like mirrorless cameras or digital SLRs. On the list the cameras range from As an added bonus, bridge cameras actually can offer more zoom than DSLRs.

The Nikon P has a 3.

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What is also impressive is the 10 frames per second burst mode for stills capture and I like the fact that the camera comes with a rechargeable battery and not the 4xAA batteries required by some others. Despite the comparatively large sensor, it manages to include a 26X mm equivalent F2.

The AF system Sony has blessed its flagship camera with is not only incredibly quick, the tracking performance needs to be seen to be believed. This high-performance combo delivers sensitivity settings to ISOa maximum continuous full-res burst rate of 5.

The Best Superzoom Camera

They are extremely popular for travel, wildlife photography and other uses that require a wide variety of focal lengths. What is nice is that it is articulated, although having said that remember the Panasonic FZ cameras can flip out and rotate, which in my view is even more flexible. Add in 8 frames per second burst shooting, a clever double-hinged rear display, bright EVF, Fujifilm's excellent Shoot up to five full-resolution shots at 7 fps, or up to 30 full-resolution shots at 1 fps.

S optical image stabilization to minimize the effects of camera shake. Improvements include am more powerful 24x mm equivalent lens and a The user interface leaves some room for improvement though.

These Are Our 7 Favorite Superzoom Cameras for Getting Close to the Action

If you want something a larger, especially if you want to use larger lenses, take a look at the X-H1. Only records film at x 30 fps and can only record a maxiumum of 0. A very good camera, but we still think the X-T2 is the better all-round option.

For those interested in video, this camera offers p Full HD movie recording capability with one-touch operation.