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Super junior kim kibum dating games. :'( a letter from kim kibum to super junior | super junior elfs malaysia

He's a total hottie and his wit is adorable. The Version B of album was released on July 16, having only a different cover.

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So don't you think at least he must be included top His smile is worth dying for. Simple won first place on the first day of the group's comeback performance on the music show M! Well I guess there are a lot of handsome men in this list, but 88 is way too low of a rating for Bi Rain in my opinion.

Super Junior are the first Korean artist to perform concerts worldwide.

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For me he is the most handsome and most adorable guy in the world! Fans describe us similarly. He should be number one. How he succeeds in the drama 'My love from another star'!. The song debuted at the 1 spot on iTunes Top Albums in 31 countries.

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I m Indian I really have so crazy on u. You take up all the burdens yourself, protecting even Teuk hyung. At that time, your face was so sincere, I felt that this world really did have angels. Actually, away from the camera, you are very charming, and you always quietly do your share.

Because of super junior kim kibum dating games, hyung will be back soon.

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Today, you are standing on the stage calling for me, just as we called for you. He smiles brighter than the sun!

They were featured on CNN 's Talk Asia program, and talked about their popularity and strategy for advancing into the world music industry. With only ten members left, Super Junior went off to release their fourth studio album, Bonamana in May He is so cute and handsome.

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He was discharged on July 12, The album also debuted at number 5 and remained at number three spot on the Oricon Daily Chart for two consecutive days and number six on the Oricon Weekly Chart. But I know that in actuality your heart is the softest and easiest to pick on.

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You have to wait for me. When we were filming the movie you said you were going to work hard for SJ, and really was fighting hard for us, as a person who discarded the idol singer image and has only a face.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Kibum has the most perfect smile in super junior! I mean come on?!

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I think everyone know who this guy is When he cries your heart breaks and when he smiles it soars. Really I think he is the most atraccting guy in korea and asia; I was'nt a fan of kpop until I see him, I mean he's to talented so much that is almost ridiculous G-Dragon has a really symmetrical face and very soft features!

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Island He's one of the most perfect vocalist in the world. You r so cool. I think I understand you, and I think you understand me as well. Ryeowook won the Chin Chin Youth Festival singing competition and became a trainee just two months before debut in He is so handsome and cute.

He has the ability to pour his heart into his songs and give his primadonnas an amazing show every time. Simple", was released December 7, in Japan, [75] [76] however this was still not recognized by SM as their official Japanese promotional debut.

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Entertainment finally released a statement to that effect. He's so adorable, and shines like the brightest star whenever he performs on the stage because Junsu and I know being an artist is what he trully loves and what he's dstined to be.

Super duper cute face. Baekhyun my bias because he very cute and dorky while taeyeon she very adorable dorky leader and cute.

He is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my whole life.


He would never be angry at his members. Shindong hyung, happy and chubby Shindong hyung. It also ranked third on Billboard World Albums.

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His smile is very beautiful.