Group claims 'screw' could be proof of aliens living on Earth | Daily Mail Online Group claims 'screw' could be proof of aliens living on Earth | Daily Mail Online

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Swiss surrealist artist, Hans Rudolf Giger, created many artworks based on fossils, which were seen by Ridley Scott who commissioned Giger to make props for his film. The first Crinoids are thought to have appeared in the Ordovician period, between million years ago and ending million years ago and underwent a selective mass extinction at the end of the Permian period, where they evolved more flexible arms.

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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Tesla publicly claimed he was in touch with aliens before he died.

More far-fetched theories include that the 'screw' is the remains of an ancient form of technology that proves aliens lived on Earth millions of years ago, or that our ancestors were far more advanced than we think.

Did that mean that the implant removed from Patient Seventeen was not terrestrial? To hear more of his story about Patient Seventeen, and others like him including " Nano Man " and the infamous Skinwalker Ranch listen to the entire podcast and decide for yourself if there's more here than meets the eye.

I don't care what your Uncle Bubba says. Corbell admits he felt some of the equipment was mishandled, which could have caused the blips Leir detected from the object prior to the elemental analysis.

The object stefan kendal gordy dating website from "Patient Seventeen" was unusual in appearance, and Leir sent it to a New Hampshire lab for testing.

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The Alien that terrified people in the sci-fi film, Alien pictured was inspired by a Crinoid He was inspired by a million-year-old Crinoid fossil, which was stolen in Mainstream scientists do not agree in their existence, and as per UFO enthusiasts and proponents of ancient astronaut theory they exist and have been visiting us since ancient times.

Now, I know that artwork back then wasn't exactly realistic but, seriously, WTF?

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For example, the atomic bomb could only be created when scientists were able to isolate one uranium isotope from the rest. This rare Crinoid fossil was stolen from a museum and later returned damaged Advertisement.

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The Book of Enoch translated by R. Enoch was supposedly the great-grandfather of Noah. It is believed that prehistoric caveman used to draw whatever he used to see, hence the existences of the images of UFOs and aliens in the various cave drawings certainly prove that aliens and UFOs are not the yield of creative minds only.

There are a number of temples built in this area, but one of them stands out due to its unusual hieroglyphics.

Ancient Aliens: Does Russia have secret proof of aliens?

And, despite being looted init also has the Nimrud gold collection--which features gold jewelry and figures of precious stone that date to the 9th century BCE--and the collection of stone carvings and cuneiform tablets from Uruk that date back to and BCE.

Crinoid fossils look slightly different to reflect the variations across the species. Crinoids were extremely common millions of years ago, and countless fossils have been found, some segments of which do resemble screws.

It has collections that include art and artifacts from ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian, Assyrian and Chaldean civilizations - collections that put the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Louvre to shame. Charles depicts an alien race of non-humans that landed on the earth prior to our megalithic age.

Due to some looting and the place being a general mess, the jar was marked " - 6, BC" and they left it at that. Roger Leira pediatric surgeon and "alien implant specialist. Share this article Share But more conventional scientists have not got a look at the object, so have had to base their speculation on grainy pictures posted online.

On a panel that was carved more than 5, years ago, there are clear depictions of a helicopter, a spaceship, and fighter planes.

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More from my site. They drew what they knew - and this does not look human. In fossilised form, the stem does resemble a screw.

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The Kosmopoisk Group has not said what the screw is made of, or given any detailed information about it. Isotopes are variations in elements. These paintings are found to be 7, years old. Kim Jones What many scholars and scientists have been debating over since decades is being proved by prehistoric cavemen.

What other technologies this bloodline has kept from us, are yet to be revealed.

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In yet another panel, Egyptian women with elongated skulls hold small child-like people in their laps that look nothing like humans, but instead resemble aliens, and statues of these elongated skull-people abound throughout the region.

Some attest along with Huxley that, just as in ancient Egypt, a Pharonic Cult imitating real scientists are attempting to punch holes into other dimensions and bring forth their Osiris.

There are hundreds of species of extinct Crinoids, although the marine animal continues to live in seas today. The Sphinx of Anibus looks to be an alien creature all its own.

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These objects that certainly look flying in the drawing resembles the modern day flying saucers so much that one would be mistaken that some mischievous school boy must have painted it on the cave walls.

Though some skeptics claim these images were chipped out of the stone, and added at a later date, this practice would be highly unusual since most hieroglyphic panels were usually carved out of one large piece of stone and then put in place.

Let's look a closely at Xorx. Large eyes and missing limbs of the creatures would certainly remind you of visitors from the outer space.

Even more compelling, it seemed to emit electromagnetic frequencies, indicating that the object could be some kind of communication or tracking device.