Smart's All Text 30 Plus ~ Philippine Freebies, Promos, Contests and MORE! Smart's All Text 30 Plus ~ Philippine Freebies, Promos, Contests and MORE!

Smart prepaid all text 30 plus dating, now manage your family’s data, worry-free.

The Barkada Chat promo allows you to go on different messenger apps to have real-time conversations with family and friends.

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Based on Rogers internal testing dated September 11,analyzing total amount of data used to view mobile-video content from the 30 content providers most often used by Rogers customers with Stream Saver vs.

If you prefer to use WeChat, it can be accessed for 10 pesos smart prepaid all text 30 plus dating one whole day. Not all names and numbers can be identified. Enhanced Voicemail is a service that allows you to receive up to 35 messages each up to 5 minutes in length and you can save each one for up to 10 days.

However, there is no airtime charge for calls made to from your Rogers wireless device.

List of Smart Buddy/Prepaid Promos (Call, Text, Internet, Unlimited)

Connection to the Rogers network required for Name Display. Smartalk gives you 5 days of unlimited calls to all Smart networks.

It costs pesos, and needs only a maintaining balance of 1 peso to keep the promo active.

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This will give you unlimited texts to all networks, and you only need 20 pesos load plus 1 peso maintaining balance to keep the promo active. To register, text AT20 to Customer-initiated service reduces available bandwidth while viewing select mobile video-streaming content, resulting in delivery of a action bronson baby blue muscle girl dating video stream.

Where applicable, additional airtime, data, long distance, roaming, options and taxes are extra and billed monthly.

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Have fun staying in touch with your family and friends, while saving money on credits! The 60 peso variant is good for 5 days of unlimited net surfing. This is available until May 15, only.

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To register, text TALK to Unlimited local calls or unlimited province-wide calls in the province of Quebec on the Rogers Network or in an Extended Coverage area, excluding calls made through Call Forwarding, Video calling or similar services. Most of all, remember that you can only register for one promo at a time.

This promo works best if you have Opera Mini on your phone, since it consumes less data, therefore maximizing your data allocation. There you have it, the best prepaid promos from Smart. See FAQ for details.

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Fee is charged per line added to your monthly service fee and applies for 24 hours from first use while in the U. Basic Voicemail is a service that allows you to receive up to 3 messages each up to 3 minutes in length and you can save each one for up to 3 days.

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If you like to forward jokes, quotes, or communicate with your friends via SMS, you can have unlimited texts for 1 day with the All Text 20 promo. Staying in touch with loved ones has never been easier. Please note that these promos do not auto register, so you will have to register again once your chosen promo expires.

Smartalk If you prefer to talk to your friends on the phone instead of texting them, then this promo is for you. To register, simply text ON to Barkada Chat Line Messaging on your phone Love chatting on messenger apps? Excluding prepaid accounts, most enterprise plans as well as monthly plans that include roaming services.

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All Text 20 This is the ideal promo for all texting champs. I know my son does, and so can you, with Smart Prepaid Promos. The following monthly government fees apply where applicable: To register, text AT30 to Opera UnliSurf 15 For only 15 pesos, you can access your favorite websites anytime, anywhere for one whole day.

Have some extra load as maintaining balance to keep promos active. Text LINE 10 to to register. All you need is the Opera Mini app installed in your phone, and 15 or 60 pesos load.

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The Always On promo is definitely for you. Stream Saver may not be able to recognize all video content; unrecognized higher-resolution video will continue to stream at its normal speed and resolution.

This promo has it all. Call display allows you to see the number of an incoming caller even if they are not in your address book.