The Fairytale about Tsar Saltan The Fairytale about Tsar Saltan

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Skazka o tsare Saltanye is a Soviet traditionally animated feature film directed by Lev Milchin and Ivan Ivanov-Vano and produced at the Soyuzmultfilm studio. It turned Disney's technology into powerful action — the Russian movie. For several decades its elements, its native habitat was the Russian fairy tale.

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Here I was, of course, and a merit of the artist, Lev Milchin whom he didn't leave all life. It is an adaptation of the poem of the same name by Aleksandr Pushkin. Some portions of the poem are skipped. There are few words in the film besides those of the poem itself, which is read from beginning to end by the narrator and the voice actors.

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It was the ideal tandem — irrepressible nature, the person soldier, the fanatic, the tyrant Vano and the intellectual to the core who wasn't affording anything superfluous, but everything Milchin, understanding, sharp to grotesque.

Capriccio Espagnol is intended as a follow-up to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra's recording of Scheherazade, already issued, and as an added bonus, the great Japanese pianist Noriko Ogawa joins the orchestra as guest in Rimsky-Korsakov's all-too-seldom-heard Piano Concerto in C sharp minor, Op.

From the point of view of art criticism mechanics, it would be possible to call him the formalist, he wasn't afraid to experiment. It is a testament to the skill of Bakels as an orchestra builder that he has raised such a fine musical organization in just eight years.

The Capriccio Espagnol gets off to a great start, with Bakels the orchestra is strongly sympathetic to the piece, though careful ears can pick out some raggedy ensemble in the last section.

Ogawa alone is enough to make the Piano Concerto shine, and thankfully Bakels provides comfortable and gracious support to Ogawa's magisterial artistry.

That, and a tendency toward what for him was an "orientalist" strain in harmonic practice and orchestration, makes Rimsky-Korsakov an ideal choice for the recordings on BIS of a relatively new ensemble, the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, founded in by conductor Kees Bakels. In it Ivanov-Vano connected everything: Study in Vkhutemas, education in traditions of the Russian vanguard, excellent knowledge of world art culture — all this affected in his creativity.