Sissi - The Young Empress Rankings & Opinions Sissi - The Young Empress Rankings & Opinions

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Concerning to the mutual confidence You are the one who does that! One more time, they brought a new parrot. You are always behind that desk.

But the peace we conquer through the love. How did you get her diary? The noble women and the ladies are the ones that receive So I will read this poem for you. I do not want to see anybody sad!

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It'll have access to the palace All the ministers were against this amnesty. The amnesty will be given immediately. Well, I'll see if I can understand this silly thing. I will give the amnesty, even against the ministers will.

I can already imagine who put this idea on your mind.

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When will we have a king again I will do everything I can to help your country. I do not want to read it without her permission.

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Sometimes I don't remember the way you are. Do zircons dating sim still love me? Some of the Hungary plans. Because you don't care about me during the day.

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I'm leaving, but I was missing you. What do you have to report? Everything the Empress does, it must be informed to me.

Sissi - The Young Empress

I am afraid that Your Highness will be chocked as much as I am. I would like you to leave me alone. If Your Majesty allow me The Empress complains of our installations for the bath. This is the Real Palace It does not matter! Remember the ring the Empress, that was a princess, pledged?

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It is a pleasure! Yes, to send a telegram. I ask your permission to lock it in the backyard Don't you remember me, mister?

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But also the Hungarians that also know you The fact that created some problems in the Congress What are you bringing, baroness? You are right And I am so grateful to her for that! Well, I like everything that's Hungarian! Yes, I am jealous For someone that is empress by accident, it's very good!

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And I do not hesitate to say that If the Empress likes animals so much I can see on your face that is not nice what you have to tell me. Did you really take the state of siege off and gave amnesty to the Hungarians?

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In my country where I am so happy Of course it is. Did you bring anymore pictures? I need to speak in private with the baroness Esterhazy!

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And I was transferred to Vienna! Maria Teresa lived and took bath here. But Franz, you can not conduct a nation with your feelings.

And how did you get it?

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I'll report myself the best way is possible. So, mister, look at me!

Sissi: The Young Empress

I'll never learn to speak Croatia. I can see it! I'm sorry to wake up this so bad recollection. No more grammar for today. You turned to a colonel!