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Linear interpolation is just a straight line between keyframes. When you change the tangent for a specific keyframe it affects the curve between that keyframe and the one following it.

With this type the tangent will always be flat or horizontal.

Male Drawing Poses (Muscular) - 3D model by Drawing References (@AlexMarin) - Sketchfab

For a full description of how to use the Key Editor click here Poses can be tagged in the Pose Editor. After the orgasm, the cooldown loop will be played until excitement reaches a certain level.

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This window displays all the key frames on the selected model in a grid format. This allows you to create models of different heights.

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This might not look too bad here but it can be very annoying and it happens a LOT. The details form has 3 columns corresponding to X-Y-Z and numerical data in each field.

Flirty (trait)

Green Section - Normal Loop: They will be able to view the height in the regular game or in sequences, but only if they own the Pose Editor option.

You get the idea.

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Hey, wasn't she taller than him in the last shot? In all of these cases we can also specify what happens between the keyframes. See the Interactive pose tutorial for a demonstration.

Some of these include: If you just create one new keyframe at the end of section 4, all 4 sections will be played in order Some body parts can only be changed using either one or the other of the 'translation' or 'rotation' modes but not both.

Grey Section - Penetration Loop: Interactive In this mode the 4 sections contain 4 different animation loops that are triggered under different conditions.

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They will still be able to load the pose if they don't own the Pose Editor, but the models will revert to their standard heights and the pose may not line up correctly. Check out this guide to find out where you can go for free Sims to download, and tips on creating your own unique sexy Sim.

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TIP - If you share poses with adjusted heights on GamEroticabe sure to include tags and a description that mentions this. Linear Interpolation Let's look at linear interpolation for a moment. If you only create one somewhere in section 3, it will play section 1,then section 2, then section 3 up to the last keyframe and start over.

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The motion will look very robotic and stiff. Then everything will start over with the Normal Loop. Where the curve is steep there is a lot of movement or speed.

Tagging poses allows people to find them more easily when you share them on GamErotica.


So, for example you could set the end of the Normal Loop to the end of section 3 and cramp the remaining loops into section 4. Someone downloading a pose with adjusted height will need to have purchased the pose editor to view the height changes.

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