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Sims 3 flirty hopeless romantic definition, a topnotch site

This trait is incompatible with Neat and Proper. Edit Slob Removes the debuff for filthy surroundings, but does not necessarily give a buff.

With this trait your Sim will talk about the wrong things, enjoy wearing inappropriate attire, and never think to apologize. With this trait Your Sim will not be romantically inclined.

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Unlucky These Sims sometimes earn the pity of the Grim Reaper when they die of an accident. This trait will have your Sim clipping coupons and making deals. I like sims who carry the weight of the world on their tiny shoulders. However, the Sim can also use a computer to work from home at any time, giving him some extra cash.

This trait is just that. It puts them in a bad mood.

Romantic side ponytail with layered bangs ID 425

Draws a debuff when other Sims in the area are behaving against what this Sim considers "proper," including if others are being mean. They get great pleasure from computer games.

Not worth a trait slot. This trait is incompatible with Schmoozer. Easier to become friends with Celebrities, and more celebrity points earned when they do. With this trait your Sim will have mood swings.

With this trait your Sim will find a a kindred with nature and enjoy every minute they can be outside. This trait makes your Sim a good story teller and Joke Teller.

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Vegetarian These Sims live longer than non Vegetarian Sims. With this trait your Sim will not want to swim. Disciplined World Adventures Martial Arts learned much quicker plus more chance of a win when sparring.

Childish These Sims benefit from having toys around. For some reason, I find flirty sims a lot of fun to play. Once you've downloaded them, please read below and follow the instructions before adding the mods to your Mods folder.

This trait is incompatible with Loner and Shy. With this trait your Sim will strive for perfection and achieve it taking longer to do tasks than normal.

Sims 3 Clothing - 'romantic'

This trait has your Sim happy over the smallest of accomplishments and everyday tasks. Please be advised though, you'll need to sign up on this forum in order to download them. They need to be constantly entertained.

Perfect for freelance musicians. Eco-Friendly Ambitions Happy to car share but rides a bike by default. With this trait your Sim will want to fight, they love to fight.

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A Slob Sim will always leave a mess behind when doing an action, such as making a puddle when stepping out of the shower. This mod disables the attraction gifting system. Another good one for self-employment. This trait is incompatible with Flirty, but not Hopeless Romantic.

And I love to make my sims garden. Only eats Bio Food. Edit Technophobe Reduces the amount of fun derived from any electronic device, and increases the chance it will break after use.

They will be difficult to woo because they don't want to.