Simulator Reference: Controlled Digital Oscillator Simulator Reference: Controlled Digital Oscillator

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The netlist defines the circuit topology and also specifies the analyses to cisf office in bangalore dating performed by the simulator. Before going simetrix oscillator simulation dating farther, I must tell you what units prefix are used for components values, voltages, currents, powers and frequency from the higgest to the lowest: Full documentation for these devices is beyond the scope of this manual but can sometimes be obtained from their suppliers.

So, they can be used in arbitrary sources and they may be used to simetrix oscillator simulation dating the resistance of an Hspice style resistor which allows voltage and current dependence.

File name of netlist.


As device parameters As model parameters To define a variable see. To disable, add this to the top of the netlist: The console will close when the program exits sometimes before the user has had a chance to read the messages.

Limits are easily set as desired value, from lab measurement, or by outcome of multi-run analyses such as Monte Carlo, Worst Case and Extreme Value.

Under Windows, if the program is not called from the DOS prompt but from another program, a console will be created for receiving messages.

In the last link, download the file a question mark? The name and location of the binary file depends on configuration settings and in what mode the simulator is run.

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Two configuration settings control the vector buffering. Alternatively, you can specify the location using a setting in the startup. KEEP on page for full details.


It is as accurate as the Spice models you use are. It will generate a binary data file and a list file. Intusoft maintains its best in class dominance by providing the most powerful mixed-signal simulation offering for the mainstream end-user.

Copy and replace the bin64 and bin folders from within the Crack folder at the software installation location default path C: This is not the case with the blogs because there is not many yet on this site, also, it is possible to edit a blog anytime and not a post in a thread after 30 minutes This means that the waveform viewer will have to scan the whole file in order to establish the size of the vectors.

These are circuit designs to simulate the behaviour of high level devices such as opamps.

Setting Up Simulation

This is another DC--DC converter circuit. There are many different simulators available and if you try to use a model designed for a different simulator, your simulation may behave erratically.

Using the schematic editor and model library you may not often need to read this section. Posted 4th March at Changing Connection Type If a model allows one or more of its connections to be given a different type, this can be done by preceding the connection entry with the appropriate modifier listed in the table above.

This is makes model parameters visible on the Schematic. The simulator may be operated in GUI mode or non-gui mode. For diodes, ensure your model sets the RS parameter. You can change which model is current by clicking the button next to the model name, and selecting a model from the drop-down list.

The software can be used without any limitation. Intusoft is the only EDA supplier that furnishes quarterly newsletters to its customers and the design community at large. Only model files and libraries in your project and your installed libraries are in the list, but you can also browse by clicking on or buttons.

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Any number of pins may be placed inside the square brackets, in fact the same model may be used for devices with different numbers of inputs.

When you change the Level parameter, the parameters that are not used at that detail level are grayed out.

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Generating and Running Netlists The netlist is a text file and can be edited in a text editor. The order is the same as the order they appear in the netlist device line.

This is the graphic window for curves and wave shapes, I will show some of them very often in this blog because it is where the results can be seen. You will have to draw the missing symbols yourself and find the components models you need on the net here and there.

See page for details.

Connection details

Give the model a Description. See Resistor - Hspice Compatible on page Press cntrl-c - you will be asked to confirm. The default capacitor, inductor and diode models especially can be a bit unrealistic as they do not include parasitic and leakage resistances that exist in real life.

If you click on the Model File tab at the bottom of your SIM Model dialog, you will see where your model is in the file by scrolling the view down to the beginning of the model. Simulation Models Until now, all the Simulation models you have seen were preloaded from integrated libraries.

Sensitivity-based worst-case analysis and extreme-value analysis vary designs to maximally adverse conditions. The Description is free form 6. The password to open the compressed file is.

It is the best development tool ever made. Altium Designer can convert many different kinds of models. The Choose Analysis dialog will parse and possibly modify analysis statements and some. See the User s Manual for details. This is an effective means of pausing the run if you need CPU cycles for another task, or you wish to copy the data file.

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To define tolerances used in Monte Carlo analyses. Default is main netlist file name with extension. Normally it is created only for. These can be found under the Place Connectors menu. This will result in a pause in the simulation coupled with a great deal of disk activity.

Rc phase shift oscillator

Here's a curve graphic I made with this circuit using the "DC sweep" on V2 device by changing the V3 voltage for each, from 0 to -5V by 0,5V step, just "like in the real life": The string used for name is arbitrary but must be unique.

The list file is generated in the same directory as the netlist. It work very well with Windows XP. The others are used but are always compulsory, and an understanding of their meaning is not necessary to make full use the system.

Run the simulation to see the reverse recovery effect.

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