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Oct 19 · Forward Thinking

We are, I am proud to say, among the forward thinkers in our industry.

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Oct 14 · Learning to Deadlift

Member Spotlight – Cindi Spencer New member Cindi is new to weightlifting. But after a few weeks of following CrossFit Rehoboth’s fundamental exercises and workouts, Cindy has moved on to the very important Deadlift.   In these photos Cindi demonstrates her new awareness of midline strength along with focused breathing to maintain posture and form throughout […]

Oct 13 · Making Contact in the Clean

Member Spotlight – Andy Staton CrossFit Rehoboth member, and regular attendee of the Barbell Club classes, Andy Staton exemplifies proper bar body contact during power cleans.   From coach Shane: “With brief technique cues and his own diligent hard work, Andy has adapted to this style of power cleans very well. With his continued hard work […]