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Shook up big krit girlfriend, not available in your country

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One of the dopest, I'm scheduled one You just ibuprofen, what is you smoking? Scared to tell them hoes what it is.

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Said he got some bags and thats kinda sad Cause theres only room in here for my speakers But im riding out,like I dont know what he talking bout Besides he always hating when im bassing telling me to turn it down Hell I just wanna hit a load, I just wanna shake the ground!

You put yourself in that position.

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Bitch I'm just saying I ain't tricking is the reason that this porno flick playing Trunk shaking, knocking pictures off the wall Southern made call, mean no draws You got friends I fucked them all What you mean you ain't nasty Why the fuck you came Just imagine what you got to do to get up in my plane.

They bitches that is, get up in the car with wiz They know they going to bake something, ain't fronten.

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Don't-don't you wanna shook up big krit girlfriend that ass in this glass- Don't-don't you wanna rest that ass in this glass house. Don't you wanna rest that ass in this glass house.

BIG KRIT lyrics : "My Sub"

I ain't none of them. If you ain't suckin or fuckin get your ass out. Just by the smell, it's obvious Than my connect come from cali I'm good long as the money piling up All the while I'm just quick lane dippin Big jane twisting Walking how I talk it bitch that's Pittsburgh pimping.

Smoking off the eighth onion Get it twisted because you see me on your computer screen Thinking because you got wireless you get as high as us Bitches leaving they lame niggas to ride with us Planes over everything in the fly we trust.

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I'm too focused on getting my rims powder coated. My sub, my sub Yeah let my trunk knock till the tape pop My rims chop chop, while the bass drop Yeah let my trunk knock till the tape pop My rims chop chop, while the bass drop Verse 1 OK I pull up and my partners ask me krizzle where you sub at.

Cold hard, tear yo feelins apart. Lay it down in the parking lot, turn it up outside the club Can't tell if shawty really digging me, she can shake but she love to suck Might be the best but I can dig it though She vibrate, gyrate, and swear that's the reason I did it for, I put that on my sub Hook.

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I'm focused to growing they got you choking The options open, you can hide with them suckers Or ride low and get higher than a motherfucka! I chill with all that baller fishing You fucked around and you caught a shark.

Under they breath mumbling.

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Hey fuck them tweeters they ain't beaten, get yo sub back So I push my pedal to the metal to my cuz house He owed me money, fucked that bread just set your sub out I fly like jets, that candy wet, im feeling fuck wit hoes E. My sub, my sub, I put that on my sub!

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