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Deporting Viscount Montoro to Vespanola 1 Rewards: To cook the soup, you need to complete the Katovic quest line to gain access to Invierno's cooking pot 3.

Philosopher Stone is a common item drop in the Katovic Region. Complete Trail of Montoro 1 Rewards: You will receive a Ghost Nucleus. Collect 10 Philosopher's Stones and 1 Katovic Soup.

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Go to Katovic Snowfield and talk to Ludeza. Torsche Mansion and talk to Dr. The purpose is to summon a lvl quest version of an Avalanche Apparation. Within the mission, defeat Selva to proceed. Return to Leonora Rose.

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Trail of Montoro 4 Prerequisites: Trail of Montoro 1 Prerequisites: Sub Quest The nearest place to God Prerequisites: Deporting Viscount Montoro to Vespanola 1 Prerequisites: Torsche's Mansion and reenter the instanced mission with the statue. Trail of Montoro 6 Prerequisites: Ability verification test Prerequisites: Complete Ability verification test Rewards: Complete Trail of Montoro 5 Rewards: Drag 1 Ghost Nucleus from inventory and drop it into Rynn's Heart.

Exit Witch's House, walk in front door to start dialogue with Selva. Bring 30x Expedition's Memo and talk to him again. Kill him as well.

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Inside the mission, click on the statue to get the next quest. Talking to Auch Pioneering officer. Return to the Auch Pioneer Officer to complete the quest. Deporting Viscount Montoro to Vespanola 2 Rewards: Complete Trail of Montoro 3 Rewards: Trail of Montoro 5 Prerequisites: Talk to Leonora Rose.

Complete Selva recruitment quest Rewards: Move to F2 - Ferruccio Wall. Go to The Frozen Plain and talk to Invierno to start an instanced mission involving combat.

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Katovic Soup is a normal consumable item that can be obtained by using Invierno's cooking pot. Go to the Laboratory in Dr. Go back to Nunez. Click on the statue again to start an easy combat.