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Early metal handcuffs were simply made from two hinged loops which were designed to lock over the wrists.

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Take them out and then choose Theme Song. Handcuff Knot Tying Use the rope to form two identical loops. Once you have unlocked a character that you can befriend you need to check the completion screen for information pertaining to their friendship levels.

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At each location he will ask for a specific telephone card. However, many critical factors cannot be controlled, including: Many employees of law enforcement agencies carry handcuffs and they are authorized to use them as needed.


Keep your ears open for the noise and grab any cards you come across. And that is all, if you have any question you can contact our support team here. However, the knot possesses minimal locking action and could never live up its name.

This was the second location where I discovered him. They are expected to use handcuffs responsibly and with care for the well being of their prisoners, and most are trained in a variety of restraint obvious female flirting signs female which are designed to complement the use of handcuffs.

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This unlocks Officer Kikuchi as a potential friend. This is where I first found him. This Yakuza 0 Friendship Guide will tell you what people you can befriend, how to increase their friendship bar and other useful information including how to unlock each friend.

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Click on one of them to start using it. I think it is a different girl for each package, so try getting each of the 3 packages on offer at the Boys Club.

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You can find her at the location above. It can also be used to restrain an animal or drag an animal carcass.

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Equip that and then continue with other activities. Adams realized that the inclusion of a ratchet would make handcuffs adjustable.

The loops can then be placed around the thighs to lift someone in a seated position.

What are Handcuffs? (with picture)

Lives may be at risk - possibly your own. Add icons Browse the packs or search icons and add them to your active collection with this button. Delete Have you finished with this collection? However, it is worth considering if there is no other way of rescuing someone trapped, e.

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Following your victory he will become a friend. Return again later and there will be another group of Yakuza. Insert the victim's limbs into the loops, tighten, and apply traction. Befriend Ayaka Head to the Boys Club and participate in the mini-game.

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This guy is a massive pain as he is constantly moving around the map and there is no icon displayed. Raising his friendship bar is simple enough.

These handcuffs carried a distinct disadvantage, since they were not adjustable. Take them down and you can buy more mushrooms. From there head to the location marked on the map to complete the Substory there.


Yakuza 0 Friendship Guide Kazuma Kiryu Yakuza 0 includes a variety of different characters that you can encounter and sometimes befriend. This method of applying traction to limbs is potentially traumatic and must be used only when alternative lifting methods cannot be employed.

The two loops are placed around the wrists or the ankles. Then leave and head to Nakamichi Street. Kitajima will eventually re-appear in the same place but this time there will be two guys harassing him.

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This park is on Tenkaichi Alley, at the save point there. The size of the loops can be fixed by using each end to tie a half hitch around the adjacent loop. Keep winning races until Pocket Circuit Fighter leaves the arena.

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This was the third location This was the fourth location This was the fifth location Chapter 5: The handcuff is tightened as desired and then locked; double lock versions lock the ratchet in place so that the handcuffs cannot be accidentally pulled too tight.

Others make handcuffs which are linked by a rigid rod. Because of concerns about injuries from the chains on handcuffs, many law enforcement agencies cover the chain with hose or similar flexible piping which will prevent the prisoner from catching skin or hair in the chain.

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As shown in the animation the initial stages are exactly the same as those used when using Loops to tie a Clove Hitch. There are multiple girls at this mini-game so it may take a few attempts. The final fight is against several Mafia enemies.