Matildas Star Caitlin Foord On Her Fitness, Nutrition And Life Goals Matildas Star Caitlin Foord On Her Fitness, Nutrition And Life Goals

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Michelle Heyman dresses pretty differently, she has her own style. How old were you when you first started playing football?

Who is not the Social Media addict?!

Caitlin Foord, Sam Kerr Named to Australia World Cup Roster

I would definitely still be involved in sport in some way. I would say Servet [Uzunlar], she has a very different sense of humour. Who scores the best goals at training? Hopefully I would of made it professional in one of the other sports I was playing. We want to leave our sports in a better place than when we started.

T [Teresa Polias] is pretty smart and clever too, she is a teacher. I really believe you have to have a good balance in everything you do so I like to eat healthy but who jennifer love hewitt dating go out and enjoy a meal here and there with friends.

I do however have cheat days to go out and enjoy myself. Who is the best hairdresser? This only happens from all the athletes sticking at it.

Early life

The Matildas wearing the kit on pitch first was special and something we are all proud of. I have been rusty as I have been away and also playing a bit of golf too. Most important question first … who is the best surfer among the squad? Sam Kerr is pretty funny too. What does your training regimen currently look like?

Once Servet picks up on a topic she rolls with it forever. Caitlin Foord at the unveiling of the World Cup Kit. Loz has been surfing a lot lately, so I reckon she might shade me at the moment.

Playing career

Read on to get to know Caitlin a little more: She always comes out with a one-liner here or there that will crack you up. But if he joins in then his goal is goal A! Football was never in my family. Who is the worst trainer? Kyah [Simon] probably, Alanna [Kennedy] a little bit and Hayley Raso who is addicted to her hair ribbons.

My current training program is a rehab program because I am recovering from a lisfranc injury. While we are on the treatment table he has a bad habit of prodding the physios. I just started playing football at school in the playground at lunch with the boys before I joined my local team Warilla Wanderers.

Currently injured with a ruptured ligament in her foot, Caitlin has had to tweak her training and eating regime and learn to really listen to her body. She will laugh at anything that Servet says. If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Oh, too many to chose from [laughs]. I eventually want play in Europe. I was always very sporty doing a lot of sports as soon as I could walk.

Previous Game

That would be a tie most likely. Do you follow any specific diet? But everyone had their categories they were good at.

Who spends the most time in front of the mirror? Where did this passion stem from? Ash Sykes is pretty switched on too. What has been the proudest moment of your career to date?

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Who is the funniest squad member? And probably a tie between Larissa [Crummer] and Kyah [Simon] for funniest laugh. She is actually very good at braids. Whenever we do shooting, or crossing and finishing, Staj always picks a goal A, B or C.

My proudest moment would have to be qualifying for the Rio Olympics.

2018 Women's International Friendly

Football is obviously massive there and I want experience the Champions League at some point in my career. Who is the coolest? Female athletes have had to do it tough at some point in their careers and have made sacrifices whilst not always getting the reward they deserve at times.

We played a trivia game in Vancouver in different categories and KK would be our go-to for science. I started playing at the age of 9.

The 'Aussie-surfing footballer’s' guide to the Matildas -

Wednesday and Sunday are my recovery days. It had been a dream of mine from a very young age to compete in the Olympics so that moment when we finally qualified and to know I was going to be living a dream of mine along with some of my best friends… there was no better feeling.

She braided my whole head recently in Italy. Nike Football How does nutrition reflect your training? All women in sport inspire me. Who is the most intellectual? Definitely Loz Laura Allewayno question. I have been a lot stricter with my diet because of my injury.